How to play patience on the cards ?

How to play patience on the cards ?
You will need:
  • deck of 52 cards
  • free time
  • computer running Windows
  • two decks of 104 cards
# 1

Sometimes it happens that,for some reason there was a mass of no busy time.And when all the standard ways to kill him already tried, rescue many favorite thing - unfolding solitaire.Among other things, it helps to lighten the mood, reduce tension (by the way, the name "Solitaire" in French means "patience").

# 2

Despite the fact that several card default amusements included in any Windows version of the standard, so you can deal with solitaire on the computer, many people still like to arrange them "live".How to play patience on the cards - little it is fundamentally different from the computer method.Is that a source of randomness element.Cards fun of this type there is great variety, and each of them has its own rules and principles of the game.

# 3

One of the most popular solitaire games - "Klondike" ( "Klondike", "Solitaire").It is known for so long that no one knows the exact

date of its origin.How to play solitaire "Solitaire"?Maps expanded face down stacks of 7: 1 th one card in the 2nd two, etc. They play only the top card...Remaining in the deck - a reserve that can be open on one or three.You will see an ace - to send it to a special place (of 4) of the stacks, followed him as far as the release of all this leave the suit - from deuce to the king.

# 4

maps of the piles can be put on each other in descending order (for example, 10 of the jack on) or color or alternating colors.Release the column - there you can put only the king.The game ends when all the deck by suit gets going.However, the "Solitaire" - is not the most challenging game of solitaire.There are other "aerobatics" - such as solitaire "Spider", especially in the third level of complexity.Yes, it can be played in a single color, two or four.But it is in the computer version - in the real world just come from two decks of 52 cards - only 104.

# 5

evenly spread out 54 cards face down stacks of 10.Play only the top (they have to be open).The remaining cards 50 and 10 are arranged on one stack open at any time - with the proviso that no columns in the basic availability.How to play patience "Spider"?The principle of shifting the cards on each other almost fully coincides with the "Solitaire."The difference is the following: on a special place suit from Ace to King removed from the game only when the set is fully assembled.Another fundamental difference - the empty space in one of the 10 columns could go any up card.

# 6

One hundred percent effective prescription, how to win at Solitaire, there is one reason: too much depends on luck.Yet one of the main qualities required for success - the ability to calculate several moves ahead.One is given more easily to others - more difficult.But this is what makes Solitaire from seemingly wasting time in a real charge for the mind, a good simulator of logical thinking.