How to make a spider of the balls ?

How to make a spider of the balls ?
You will need:
  • balls
  • glass
  • leaves
# 1

To please the kids can easily invent and make them yourself for new toys and crafts from uncomplicated improvised.As a rule, the means at hand is cheap, and the time for making crafts out a little bit.One needs only to show imagination or just look on the Internet for detailed instructions.Tell us how to make a spider of the balls.

# 2

need its own own balls (5 long and 1 round).Inflate all the balloons, with 4 long ball will be kicked spider bandages each ball in 4 places, 1 long ball will spider the trunk and a round ball - head spider.Tying balls together in the likeness of a spider, as we can see, it took a little time.Make a simple song can dry the spider.How to dry the spider tell on.

# 3

Spider necessary to straighten legs and put it in the sun under the glass.When it is completely dry, it can be put on a white paper or tracing paper and place a wooden composition outline.Decorate the composition can be dried leaves of plants and f

lowers.Tell us how to make a spider of staples.

# 4

To do this, a handful of useful metal clips and caps of pens.Legs, trunk and head form a spider fastened together with staples.On legs spider recapped from pens.If there are unnecessary screws, bolts, they can also be put to use by strengthening the body of a spider.

# 5

For those containing live spiders at home, it will be useful to know how to make a terrarium for a spider.For terrarium, you can use a small aquarium, which is placed at the bottom of the litter that will not rot and retain moisture.To decorate the terrarium, you can use stones, small hemp, which like to hide under the spiders, twigs of trees and so on. D. This cage should be cleaned periodically, to prevent foreign objects.For budding artists will be interesting to see how easy it is to draw a spider.

# 6

First draw a pencil head, then the body of a spider.At the head of draw eyes and antennae spider.After proceed to draw the spider legs, four legs on each side.Each leg arrange offices.At the end of the spider colorable simple or colored pencils.As you can see, for the craft it took us not so much time and money, but at the kids for some - while new fun there.