How to remove the smell of cigarettes out of his mouth ?

How to remove the smell of cigarettes out of his mouth ?
You will need:
  • Chewing gum
  • Mineral water
  • Chocolate bar
  • breath freshener
  • orange or lemon
  • Spirits
# 1

To get rid of the smell of cigarettes,the most efficient and wide way - is to quit smoking.Then not only this habit will cease to bother and friends, and to the smoker, but also worsen the perception of the other, more pleasant aroma.If the desire to throw this habit not, you can each time after smoking tobacco to deal with an unpleasant odor.

# 2

Another way to eliminate bad breath - is the use of chewing gum.But the protection is guaranteed by approximately thirty percent and only provided that the pack of gum would be fully utilized.How to get rid of bad breath, that others do not notice the smell of tobacco - the problem is more complicated.It smells not only the mouth but also your skin and face.Therefore, every time you smoke you need to carefully wash and brush your teeth.

# 3

Helps eliminate the smell and consistency of such action: after smoking should drink mine

ral water, about 250 ml, then eat a chocolate bar, and then chewing gum, better fruit.It helps and breath freshener, which is better to use two or three times with a break of a few (no more than seven) minutes.Hands should be wiped with a damp cloth.

# 4

Citrus flavor more effectively cope with the smell of tobacco.Lemons, oranges, you can seize the smell and zest - to wipe his hands.Of course, this method should use, if not allergic to these products.

# 5

smell of cigarettes out of his mouth at times to eliminate simpler than the same smell from the hair, clothes and the room where the smoke.Fresh air, a thorough airing - quite effective ways.These can be added and the use of perfumes and air fresheners special.It is necessary to note that the deal effectively freshener, which is on the package marked "antitobacco".To eliminate the smell of tobacco is immediately after smoking, as long as it does not saturate the hair, clothes and skin of the hands and face.Smoker if he can himself decide to use tobacco and, if so, in what amount.But do not force others to do so.