How do you cover with your hands : the most interesting options

How do you cover with your hands : the most interesting options
You will need:
  • book with the old binding
  • glue
  • cardboard
  • leather or thick cloth
  • thread, scissors, needle
# 1

In this age of high-techthe book does not lose its value.That it gives people pleasure, teaches kindness and justice.Unfortunately, favorite book may lose their appeal over time: page get crushed, torn cover.We need a high-quality repairs.And here are lucky to those who know how to make binding the hands.

# 2

book restoration begins with removing the old tattered cover.Spine carefully cleaned of old thread and glue.So the book will deal on some notebooks.A stack of folded sheets correctly clamped between the planks, you want to bond with the bolt or placed on top of a heavy load, that is, the book should be under pressure.On the roots with a knife made three incisions: one in the middle, the other - on the edges.They are inserted pieces of string that are then sewn thick linen thread horizontally, piercing needle through the book.But some act differently, especially when

it comes to albums.After removing the old cover and root cleaning in the book made a hole into which then insert a metal spiral or ties.

# 3

If you decide to do the usual cover, it is necessary to learn how to make a hardcover book.From cardboard cut out two rectangular covers, book equal in width.They connect the spine, which is made of leather or some very thick fabric.The width of the leather strips should be slightly greater than the thickness of the book and a few centimeters to be long.Along the edges of the fabric prepared root superimposed cardboard cover, so that the distance between them is greater than 10 mm thickness of the book.Now, the binding edge, trapped under the covers, glued to them with white glue or carpenter's glue.And on the free part of the spine, for his strength, glued paper strip.

# 4

How do you cover, the cover of the book giving an attractive look?The cardboard cover glued on the front side of the paper.For these purposes, use glossy paper or dark marble.This will be the cover of the book.Paper sheets are cut the same size as that of the lid, leaving extra 2 cm bend on three sides.The corners of sheets are cut neatly, using a ruler to leave open glued corners.Cutting edges of each sheet is held on the line.Such binding is covered with pasted paper and placed for drying between the planks without pressing.For binding with ties or metal spring at first completely doing covers, and then fix the leaves on the cover.

# 5

is now necessary in the interior of binding tightly applying roots, strengthen the book.flyleaf Sheets carefully lubricated with glue and glued to the back side of the binding.Drying takes half an hour or an hour, this book is fixed between the planks.Corners covers necessarily strengthened to less fray.To do this, take the rectangular pieces of thick fabric and glued at each corner of the cover.Edges podgibayutsya and are sealed from the inside.There are other ways to make hardcover books at home on the table, but they are not much different from the technology.Book or album, self-restored, are of particular value.