How to make an artificial palm tree in a tub ?

How to make an artificial palm tree in a tub ?
You will need:
  • old hanger
  • Old umbrella
  • Tires
# 1

Summer, time of holidays.Rest is not long, and so it would be desirable to extend a little.For example, in the country where you can spend the weekend and remember the time spent at sea.It takes just organize a small area, where summer and palm trees, fake of course, will be all year round!But you need to know how to make an artificial palm tree in a tub.And to make the southern beauty can literally from any scrap materials.To do this, fit the usual everyday things that are not wanted.

# 2

Many amateurs tinkering something with their hands wondering how to make the palm of the balls.Not so long ago in the hallways are often used racks on the leg.Although this furniture has long been out of fashion, but someone certainly could remain in the country or in the garage.For the production of palm trees need long balls brown color (for the trunk), and green - for the leaves.Around the trunk (feet hanger) need to fix balloons, and starting

from the bottom to the top.The green balls must be on top, creating a crown of palms.With a little time and money can be obtained, as a result, an interesting decoration for the garden or balcony.

# 3

can make not only the palm of the balls, you can also use the technique of modular origami.Before you understand how to make the palm of the modules need to learn how to make these same modules.On the Internet, we must find articles on origami technique.These crafts often make it from the modules.So you need to find out how they are made.And then of these small structures, you can create anything you want, and palm as well.If you connect the imagination and desire, we get the result without difficulty that will surprise all around.By making such a palm, connect the whole family, especially children.

# 4

In the house there is always a faulty umbrella, or one that has no one likes.So, it can also be useful for the manufacture of this southern tree.You just need to know how to make the palm of tissue removed from the umbrella.It will serve as a basis for the creation of palm crowns.Now you need to attach the frame of the umbrella to the beam to length.Out of paper, cardboard or paper bags must be cut into rings, which in turn dress up bar - turns palm trunk future.To do fabric leaves.They are mounted on the open umbrella.They are, of course, need to pre-cut the same size or not, let tell fantasy!

# 5

It remains only to learn how to make the palm of tires.This is a very interesting material.Tires can prolong life, making of them useful items that will decorate the garden or a large balcony.6 old tires will be needed.From each have to cut a few "leaves", and then nail them to the trunk.The timber can be used as it.If a fresh look at all the unnecessary things, then we can turn them into an artificial palm tree, which will decorate any country site.