How to sober up in the home ?

How to sober up in the home ?
You will need:
  • ammonia
  • activated carbon
  • oil
  • icy shower
# 1

traditional consumption of alcohol often leads to overdosing, so come the next dayheadache, nausea and vomiting, loses coordination, dry mouth and other symptoms.In this case, you need to know how quickly sober at home, to avoid the strong poisoning of the body, which is fraught with different consequences.

# 2

How sober person in the home without the use of any drugs?The simplest method is a sobering effect on the ears.Hand or towel soaked in water must be vigorously rub the ears.The action is based on the fact that in the blood begins to flow to the ears, helping to more quickly restore a human usual state.In some cases, it turns out, even to perform the procedure on their own (with mild to moderate intoxication).Also, the method without the use of drugs and other methods is considered a cool shower.It is desirable that the water temperature was as low as possible, but be careful.Otherwise, the body hypothermia and col

ds can develop after such sobering.

# 3

To quickly sober person can smell ammonia, or even a glass of water with a few drops of ammonia.This method is perfectly invigorates mind, activating all internal processes.It can be diluted in a glass of water 20 drops of tincture of peppermint, and then give the man a drink.In home conditions tincture can cook yourself.This will require a teaspoon of dry peppermint and a glass of vodka, which are filled with leaves.Tincture will be ready in a week, after which you need to drain and leave in a cool and dark place.

# 4

Remove the alcohol poisoning can be activated carbon, which is quite effective and affordable absorbent, which should always be available in every home.Of course, quickly bring to life is obtained only after purification of the stomach contents.Therefore, you must pre-clear the stomach: induce vomiting (preferably several times) to coal directly worked on a damaged body.The standard rate of 1-2 tablets per kilogram of body weight.Substitutes activated carbon and is considered warm tea with honey.Due to the high content of fructose in honey is a restoration of the functions of internal organs and the neutralization of the negative effects of alcohol.

# 5

Bring in consciousness is possible by means of a special cocktail sobering.It includes a couple of drops of vegetable oil, raw egg yolk, two spoons of tomato ketchup, a pinch of black pepper, 10 drops of vodka and a few drops of lemon juice.All components are thoroughly mixed in a glass of water.This tool perfectly eliminates alcohol intoxication and causes the affected person to life.But it should be used with caution, as it may adversely affect the internal organs in the presence of certain diseases (eg, cholelithiasis).

# 6

Of course, it is wiser to prevent alcohol poisoning.To do this, before the use of alcoholic beverages is recommended to drink a couple of aspirin, eat a small amount of butter or oil, honey, milk.It is also not advised to drink on an empty stomach, which aggravate the situation.After poisoning is necessary to fill the water balance and enrich the body with vitamin C.