How to recognize the first symptoms of fatigue of the body ?

How to recognize the first symptoms of fatigue of the body ?
You will need:
  • restful sleep
  • periodically rest
  • vacation
  • treatment under the supervision of
  • physician the correct mode of the day
# 1

The rapid pace of modern life always seemsAffairs that more than a person in a position to perform.Many people dream to have been in a day at least for one hour more.And because of their desire impossible, time pressure solve the problem in another way - by cutting the number of hours in the leisure and sleep.However, "the internal battery" of the body - not a perpetual motion machine.And if it does not "charge" a good rest, then wear it, sooner or later affect in the form of accumulated fatigue.

# 2

Typically, experts distinguish symptoms of fatigue of the body.One of the first - sleep problems.Man can not fall asleep for a long time, even if went to bed late at night and after strong physical and / or mental stress.Furthermore, it reduced performance - although it may initially be too noticeable.Suffer and brain functions. Attention, memory, et

c. In some cases, there may be a rise in temperature and without any apparent reason.

# 3

Often, people do not pay attention to these symptoms and continue to live and work in the usual pace.Then he catches a strong fatigue.Sleep disorders are becoming more serious.Against the background of burnout appears inadequate response to events occurring in the outside world.In addition, the immune system drops sharply, there may be sudden muscle pain, tingling in the heart.Companion very tired man become migraines.

# 4

If you do not take steps to exit from this condition, it becomes a permanent.Chronic fatigue is characterized primarily by the fact that even a long night's rest does not help.We have to exert a lot of effort to go to sleep, but the good of this is no dream is superficial, short-lived and often filled with nightmares.At the beginning of the day a person is experiencing the strongest breakdown.His nerves are on edge, he was very irritable, it breaks down for nothing.

# 5

Very often, trying to cope with the approaching exhaustion, people are making a serious mistake - take various stimulants like coffee than exacerbate the situation.The best remedy for fatigue - a good rest, good organization of work within the powers of exercise, fresh air, good nutrition.Another way - to go on vacation.In advanced cases, you need to seek medical care, which sometimes involves treatment in a hospital.

# 6

Often there is such a state as fatigue, schoolchildren.Children at school are subject to strong mental and psycho-emotional stress, and to organize the work and rest can not.Make it should parents and teachers.When overtaken by a strong fatigue, do not need to let things take their course.Already running process itself will not stop and will move steadily to the chronic form.Reverse it can only be a change of lifestyle.