Beautiful facial skin - it's easy!Try the Cream of age spots Miracle Glow and see for yourself

Beautiful facial skin - it

annually in cosmetology appear new and better tools to fight skin defects as freckles, birthmarks, dark circles in the periocular area.Miracle Glow - Cream of age spots is one of the most popular cosmetic products with whitening effect.


  • cream Application
  • composition means Miracle Glow
  • whitening effect
  • When the pigmentation of the skin

Apply cream

complex special substances in the Miracle Glow - cream of pigmentation lightensexisting dark spots and prevent the formation of new, even out skin tone, eliminate inflammation, rash and redness on the skin.Effectively applying cream and vitiligo, where on the body appear characteristic whitish spots.As with any cosmetic cream composition contains purified water, flavoring agents.To maintain the product in the operating state it is added preservatives and thickeners.

composition means Miracle Glow

Also the means Miracle Glow includes a number of components that have a beneficial effect on the cells of the epidermis.Kaolin - cl

ay with therapeutic effect not only whitens the skin, but also tightens the pores, dries inflammation.Maintain whitening effect contained in the cream and yogurt, lactic acid, in addition to these substances perfectly soften skin.Teobrom cocoa butter tones, nourishes and protects the epidermis from UV radiation.Reps were soybean oil, safflower seed oil contain vitamins, essential fatty acids, including oleic, linoleic, stearic and phytosterols and tocopherols, - these substances promote moisture retention in the tissues.Part of the cream of licorice root extract activates the synthesis of melanin in the skin, thereby Miracle Glow has anti-inflammatory, toning and rejuvenating effect.

whitening effect

Apply medical cosmetic product with whitening effect must be in accordance with the instructions supplied.It notes that Miracle Glow Cream of age spots is applied daily to clean, slightly damp skin of the face and body with a thin layer.With a strong pigmentation procedure should be done twice a day.The mask is left for 15-20 minutes to cosmetic absorbed, and then washed off with warm water.Skin noticeably lighter after a few treatments, her tone becomes flat, but to consolidate the results, it is desirable to continue the course of cosmetology.Experts recommend the procedure to carry out for a month with a periodicity of 3-4 masks a week.Mask for skin whitening passed scientific testing, whereby it was found that the agent has no contraindications and no side effects.And this cream favorably with other bleaching agents.

When skin pigmentation

The manual stresses that Miracle Glow Cream safely may apply even pregnant and lactating women, for whom the problem of pigmented lesions of the skin is particularly relevant.Of fundamental importance is the fact that bleach is suitable for any age group.They are not limited to use and very young girls and women in middle age and older women.

Estheticians and Dermatologists know that is particularly difficult to achieve positive results in eliminating excessive pigmentation of the skin in patients with impaired hepatic function.Even after a long course of treatment, when the body responsible for filtering substances in the body, it is possible to put in order, are dark spots on the body and face.To help in this case can cream mask Miracle Glow, regular use of which allows us to look healthy and attractive.