Harmful if frequent x-rays to the child?

Harmful if frequent x-rays to the child?
You will need:
  • Doctors x-ray
  • frequency
  • child
# 1

HSG - hysterosalpingography - Survey accurate outline of the uterus and fallopian tubes.Run the survey in two ways - by using X-ray or ultrasound.The most common is the use of X-rays.When suspicions of obstruction of pipes, the anomaly of their structure, the presence of polyps or fibroids an X-ray is indispensable.It is unacceptable use of X-rays during pregnancy or suspected it, in inflammatory processes, with uterine bleeding.It is very important to choose the time of the GHA pipes.

# 2

This can be done on any day of the cycle, in addition to menstruation.How is the HSG x-ray tubes girlfriend does not explain, this operation is not so often used as Pirke.But how to do an X-ray?In carrying out the procedure will be involved, of course, an experienced gynecologist, and to help him gynecological chair and a mirror that after cervical antiseptic treatment will insert a catheter into the input contrast medium.Once placed under the x

-ray machine is injected substance and begins a series of shots.

# 3

It is no more difficult than to solve the question of how to make an X-ray light, familiar to everyone.Go into a camera - chin on a stand - align height - deep breath - breathe - can dress - up tomorrow afternoon for the results.The visitor is in the office no more than 5 minutes.Nesvedov people often ask the question: "How often can I do an x-ray?"It is a question sometimes baffled doctors and the answer is always the same:" As often as is necessary. "Maintain a healthy lifestyle, go in the morning to exercise, eat properly, do not smoke, and 1-2 times a year, an X-ray done for prevention is seen as a pleasant diversion.

# 4

answer stems from the importance of the information that physicians obtained by X-ray.In any case, the resulting radiation dose, even at 5x gets a modern X-ray machine will be several times less than the dose received by an ordinary resident of the city from the usual background radiation per year.Another thing is the children.Unformed body of a child is not able to endure the effects of radiation, so, if possible, up to 16 years old child is not worth dealing with him.

# 5

But life is life, x-rays is indispensable for fractures and "break" the children more often than anyone else.How do X-rays to the child again it depends on the purpose of the X-ray and the patient's age.Unlike adults, there is little, but to somehow appease particularly active and small, often using special clamps and chairs.Before the procedure, all of the child's body is covered with a protective apron, leaving only the portion that you want to explore.Permissible dose for children - no more than 50 mSv per year.

# 6

If you plan regular visits X-ray room, it is advisable to have in the medical visits to a special table indicating the total dose received.To neutralize the effect of the rays on the body is highly recommended for some time after the procedure, drink plenty of fluids, eat food rich in vitamin C. Roentgen - an indispensable tool in the hands of experienced physicians, and will bring a lot of benefit to patients with the correct smart and professional use on both sides.