How to check the hormones ;how to check hormone levels ?

How to check the hormones ;how to check hormone levels ?
You will need:
  • Laboratory blood analysis
# 1

Hormones in the body is checked to determine the hormonal balance.The doctor may prescribe a test for hormone levels in the presence of diseases.In particular, a hormonal background check of pregnant women, women who are planning pregnancy or who have some problems with conception, who have thyroid problems.To test the hormonal analysis of blood taken from a vein.For each type of hormone analysis should take, respectively, with a certain period, because to get the most reliable results can not all the days.Now a little bit about how to check the hormones women and men.

# 2

To check hormonal levels there are special rules for hormone testing.In women, FSH is responsible for the maintenance of estrogen and ovulation.The most accurate indicator of hormonal levels can get 3 to 8 day cycle or in the middle of the cycle.This hormone has both men.It produces testosterone, promotes the maturation of sperm and is responsible for the level of male

sexual power.

# 3

analysis to check the luteinizing hormone women can take from 19 to 21 day cycle or 3 to 8 days.Analyses shall be on an empty stomach early in the morning.These two hormones help determine the cause of infertility.To identify the level of prolactin tests need to take the second and the first phase of the cycle, always on an empty stomach in the morning.Before any such analysis is necessary to abandon sexual intercourse and keep calm.Increased levels of prolactin causes different pathologies health and prevents conception.

# 4

donate blood for levels of hormones estradiol can be any day of the cycle.Blood will need to pass an empty stomach early in the morning.On progesterone checked those women who are planning a pregnancy.Analyses must pass on the 19-21 day cycle.On the level of testosterone in any month are checked by both women and men.If women's levels of the hormone increased, the pregnancy may end in miscarriage.The man lowered the level of testosterone indicates first of a number of different pathologies in the body.

# 5

hormone DHEA-sulfate is verified by the couple, they plan to have a baby.In the women's body increased levels of the hormone may prevent onset of pregnancy and childbirth.The man lowered level of this hormone can lead to a complete lack of viability of sperm.