Eye Treatment folk remedies

Eye Treatment folk remedies
You will need:
  • herbs
  • instructions
  • auxiliaries
  • foods rich in vitamin A
# 1

traditional medicine to help in treatment of the eye, and in the prevention ofdiseases.Substances used in the preparation of agents for the treatment of the eye, can be bought at the pharmacy, or build your own.Then you need to know in what period of the spring and summer time is harvested one or the other component is dried and stored.For each disease, there are many recipes in traditional medicine, the effect of which is based on the individual properties of each component.But as the grass and the products and services offered in the People's recipes are different, and the effect that they have on the body - different.Therefore, we can always choose the method for themselves.

# 2

To begin treatment of eyes, you need to determine what caused the disease.The eyes may ache in contact with a foreign body, for repeated jumps in blood pressure, and as a result of age.Pain and cramps in the eyes, and cause exce

ssive burden posed by television screens and monitors, and external factors: increased ultraviolet radiation and polluted atmosphere.It offers tools for internal use for the treatment of eye diseases in the arsenal of traditional medicine, directional and normalizes the body as a whole, and for external, in the form of tinctures, lotions, compresses and drops.

# 3

if splashed in the eyes of a foreign body, you need to remove the discomfort, it is enough to wash out eyes tea brewing or infusion of herbs that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.This chamomile, calendula, salvia.For the treatment of cataracts include drops of fresh honeycomb, drops of juice young vine, drops of rosehip flowers and leaves of burdock.As domestic remedy tincture from shoots sprouted potato, mulberry leaves, and a mixture of carrot juice, beet and chicory.Traditional medicine as soon as possible eliminate the barley.Compress from the leaves of aloe, flax seed, lotions of decoction of calendula and chamomile for external use, and brewer's yeast to the internal.

# 4

For normal operation of the organs of vision required products with high content of vitamin A. This green onions, sea buckthorn, sorrel, winter carrots.Blueberries are not only prevents falling vision, but also enhances it.At the time to take care of prevention of the disease is easier than to treat it.