How to take zinc ?

How to take zinc ?
You will need:
  • Zinc
  • glass of water
  • abstract to the drug
  • Medical consultation
# 1

Lack trace element zinc can cause malfunctions of the whole organism.The complexity of replenishing zinc organism is that the heat treatment has almost completely destroyed in the products in which it is present.Today there are many zinc products.Its release in tablets, capsules and the mineral composition of the complexes.Zinc is also in the composition of candles and ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures.

# 2

recommended to take zinc in violation of the immune system, colds infections, chronic prostatitis and impotence.Zinc activates metabolism, renews cells, heals wounds, cuts, improves memory and thinking processes.It is especially important to take the drug in adulthood, to improve the functioning of the reproductive organs.

# 3

Pregnant women also important to take zinc supplements.It is important to know how to drink zinc.It is especially important during pregnancy to d

rink zinc in the first trimester of pregnancy.It was during this period of intense fruit is formed and all its organs.Adult person for the normalization of the body need to take 20 mg of zinc daily.

# 4

How to take zinc?It is difficult to get the amount of the trace element of the product.Under this, zinc supplements should be taken with other micronutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, and vitamin A. This formulation will complement the action of each micro-nutrient.In order to use the correct dose of zinc, drinking his pre-read the summary.The doses of zinc can be completely different.

# 5

daily consumption rate of less than 20 mg.If you take prevention of zinc, then the dose should not exceed 10 mg per day.Best of all zinc absorbed by the body during or after a meal.With a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, and with an illness after taking antibiotics is important to take one pills and whether one capsule twice a day after a meal.

# 6

In order to know how to drink zinc to children and pregnant women should consult a doctor and a recommendation.Different doses may be administered, and the administration of drugs to these groups of people is not allowed without a destination expert.If you take zinc, you should give up drinking alcohol, hormones and birth control pills.It is also important to limit intake of sweet, salty foods, as well as tea and coffee.