Sports nutrition for women: what features reception 55 - KSB for the sport of girls ?

Sports nutrition for women: what features reception 55 - KSB for the sport of girls ?
You will need:
  • "CRS-55"
  • warm water
  • Shaker
# 1

Protein shakes are very popular among those who want to build muscle in recordtime."CRS-55" for the girls to be as effective as it is for men."CRS-55" recommended for women only if there is a certain exercise.In other words, without lessons in the gym to achieve the result will not work.In addition, the cocktail can not be used for those who are not engaged in power sports.Indeed, in this case the person does not have an increased need for protein, which is a building material."CRS-55" for girls, which reviews are extremely positive, can be purchased at the pharmacy or on the manufacturer's website.It is worth noting that the drug is not a proper development of a certain brand.It produces several companies, both domestic and foreign.

# 2

Many would like to know how much safe "CRS-55" if the girls can drink this cocktail.Experts assure that the fair sex he was not hurt, but you need to follow recommendations for dosing.Special drinks fo

r women there.But some manufacturers go on cunning marketing move and release protein powder in colorful bags, and write on the packaging that it is designed specifically for girls.In fact, all composition preparations having this name, is approximately the same.The powder should be present whey protein concentrate.Thus it is necessary that the amount is not less than 55% on total product weight.Also in the "CSB-55" must be available carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.For women not suitable cocktail labeled "XXL".This drug contains slightly more protein and is designed for men who are actively increasing muscle mass.

# 3

Moms want to know if it fits "CRS-55", is it possible to take a pregnant woman this cocktail.This question experts answer in the negative.The drug is effective only during active training.A pregnant just such loads are contraindicated.Furthermore, in this case, there is an increased protein requirements.Drink cocktails should be before and after exercise.It is advisable to drink drink 30 minutes after leaving the gym.The number of workouts per week is necessary to negotiate with their coaches or doctor.More often than not women enough 1-2 trip to the gym per week.To prepare the cocktail needed to dissolve the dining room spoon of powder in a glass of warm water and mix well.You need to drink immediately.Cooking it is recommended immediately before use.It is best not to mix a cocktail glass, but in a special shaker.

# 4

Dilute the powder in juice is not recommended.They many fruit acids, which can react with some components of the powder.This reduces the efficiency of the finished beverage.The cocktail also not necessary to add sugar and other flavor ingredients.Packages "CRS-55" imported only enough for two weeks of training.The weight of this pack is only 100 grams.Cost protein shake is high enough, but it is justified efficiency.In order to save, you can search for sale "CRS-55" Russian production.Such a product has a lower price and sold in large containers.In the internet you can find many testimonials from women who have already had time to try the drug on himself.Almost all of them were satisfied with the result.With the cocktail they were able to build muscle and make the body more relief.