How to prepare for surgery : psychological preparation

How to prepare for surgery : psychological preparation
You will need:
  • Assessment of the emotional state of a person hospitalized.
  • Understanding the psychological approach to the patient.
# 1

prolonged hospitalization, including the operation that adversely affects the psyche, even an adult patient, not to mention the children.Proper psychological preparation can significantly mitigate the stress condition of the patient, helping to treat the upcoming surgery and anesthesia with less anxiety and fear.It should be reasonable to use this pre-operative time.Hospital doctors should competently advise how to prepare for surgery psychologically.

# 2

is especially important to prepare for the new developments of the sick child.The smaller the child, the greater the stress at the entrance to the hospital, where he remains for a long time without their parents.Children need to pre-prepare the day before admission.They must obtain the necessary information on how to do the operation for children.To have a child - the idea of ​​a new place, it is use

ful to talk and show pictures or video of hospital life.Of course, the information given to the child should correspond to his age.

# 3

Unfortunately, due to congenital anomalies of the physical development of children, and they have to do plastic surgery.The main difficulty for the child - to meet after surgery to change his appearance.Before plastic surgery, a doctor should explain to young patients with a metamorphosis in their new guise they meet after.This will prepare them mentally and help prevent shock or depression.It is also necessary to explain to the child that the doctor before surgery to help him sleep, and he will not be hurt.

# 4

It is very important to prepare for the operation of the child the parents themselves.It is important that their behavior was not anxiety, in a conversation - intonation alarmed.Wise parents will try to be calm, reasonable.They will try to convince the doctor to resolve to stay with their child in the preoperative.Very beneficial work if the child will know that parents will wait for him in the chamber with a pre-prepared surprise.

# 5

Parents receive helpful advice psychologist about how to prepare your child for surgery.We should talk to him about the upcoming events fair enough, but avoiding sharp corners, without excessive detail and without surgical intervention description technology.Correct preoperative preparation will help to keep the child's mind, get rid of unnecessary emotional stress and alleviate physical suffering.But it's - also a common component of the baby's health.