How to cook softwood bath?

How to cook softwood bath?
You will need:
  • Fresh needles
  • Coniferous collection
  • Coniferous extract
  • Bath
  • Hot water
# 1

Coniferous bath can have a truly magical effect on our body:they are not only perfectly relax, calm nerves, relieve stress, and normalize our metabolism, rid the body of accumulated toxins, toxins, poisons.They are indispensable for anyone trying to lose weight, and are indicated for severe headaches, depression, insomnia, seasonal flu, certain neurological disorders.

# 2

for preparing these therapeutic baths, you will need either coniferous fees that are sold in pharmacies, or fresh spruce, pine, pine branches and cones.But the most practical - to buy ready-made pine extract, sold in special compressed briquettes, powder or liquid in large bottles.

# 3

If you selected extracts, you only need to follow the instructions on the packaging of the goods they contain detailed instructions about how to make pine baths with their help.As a rule, above average bath volume of 200 liters, you wi

ll need 2 tablets brusochek or one-third cup of the liquid extract.

# 4

Dial bath (water in it should be at a temperature no lower than 37 degrees), pour the extract into a small ladle of hot water and stir well all.Dip the scoop in the tub - the water immediately acquire a brown color and a thick resinous smell.Coniferous bath ready.Slowly sinking into the tub, watch carefully to the heart area was not covered with hot water.

# 5

Try to relax, breathe deeply, lying in water up to 15 minutes.After 7 minutes, add hot water, bringing the total bath temperature of up to 40 degrees.After the medical procedure can take a cool shower.In some cases it is easy to manage and without bucket: finished extracts are often perfectly dissolve directly under hot running water, or injected directly into the bath typed.

# 6

If you are a supporter of "natural product" or simply do not know what to do after the holidays the Christmas tree, take a healing bath of fresh pine needles, cones, shredded twigs.Pondering how to cook softwood bath from natural raw materials, keep in mind that you need a large (at least 5-liter) pot or bucket.

# 7

lapnikom Fill the dishes, cover with hot water and let simmer 20 minutes, collecting and properly brew for 8 hours.Strain the remaining water through cheesecloth, a hot bath and enter into it the whole vyplesnite resulting broth.Natural pine bath is ready.

# 8

Therapeutic baths with needles advised to take courses: in 2 weeks or 4 weeks of daily every other day.As a preventive measure is sufficient to arrange a relaxing this procedure once a week or two.Remember that after the softwood liquid bath surface becomes light brown patina, do not forget to brush away with a damp sponge after each treatment.