How to call a scrum on their own : the possible risks

How to call a scrum on their own : the possible risks
You will need:
  • apricot juice
  • castor oil
  • vodka
# 1

Normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.However, in this case, normal delivery may take place in the interval between 38 and 42 weeks (much depends on the length of the menstrual cycle in women).And if your child feels fine (you can find out with the help of CTG machine, and if necessary - ultrasound with Doppler), then nothing to worry about.Pregnant still no one is left.

# 2

But what if X does not come an hour, and to give birth in the near future it is necessary - for whatever reason?After all, all the same drug stimulation is fraught with complications for the baby.How to call the bout yourself?In uncomplicated pregnancies can help "muzheterapiya" -.. Ie, physical proximity (prostaglandin in semen is, which helps soften the cervix and prepare it for childbirth) or nipple stimulation.And the most radical means resorted to in extreme cases and only under the supervision of a doctor - a special "maternity" cocktail: 100 grams of apr

icot juice, 50 g of castor oil and 40 grams of vodka.The main thing - do not overdo it, so that labor does not become rapid (and what is harmful for the mother and her baby).

# 3

Even before the onset of labor is best to learn how to relieve pain during labor.In general, it is better to attend special courses to prepare for childbirth.They usually talk about how to reduce pain during labor, including - about various breathing techniques, depending on the stage of the generic process.At one stage can help breathing, "candle", on the other (in the bearing-down period) - "Dog"...During the fight brings great relief, if hum or sing.Here's someone that is more appropriate.

# 4

But can we be sure that this - these generations?How do I know that the battle began, and not "sweat pants" does not reduce Braxton-Hicks contractions (which many women feel periodically since the middle of pregnancy)?There is a simple, but effective method: dial into the bathroom clean, warm water and sit there.False labor in the water element will come to naught, and the present - only increase.(By the way, a warm bath - one of the ways to induce labor, contributing to a more rapid transition of the active phase.)

# 5

It is not all ways.Learn how to distinguish false labor from these, you can use the calculation of the duration and the spaces between them.It is easier to do this with a special calculator that can be found on the Internet.Typically click on a button on the screen at the beginning and end of the fight, and the program will make the necessary calculations.

# 6

But, it turns out that the birth really started.How to behave during labor?At any stage of delivery basic principle: to be able to relax the muscles, turn off the brain and concentrate fully on what is happening in obedience to his body.Do not be afraid and do not think "what if...".Fear blocks the cervical muscles, making it difficult to open up to her and thus delaying the process.A scream during childbirth - means to block oxygen kid.Actually, the thought of a child, what it feels like moving to the door of the emergency meeting him greatly facilitate the process of childbirth.

# 7

One of the major factors of successful natural childbirth without pain - a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook for future mothers.When she zhelezobetonno sure that everything goes as it should, and for its part is making this effort, the way it eventually will.