How to make a speargun with their hands ?

How to make a speargun with their hands ?
You will need:
  • piece dural tube
  • stainless steel rod
  • nylon plate
  • wire for springs
# 1

The gun for underwater hunting - it is not sky-high dream, but it isdoable task.The main thing - to have patience, perseverance and, of course, at least basic technical conditions.How to make a speargun?First you need to collect all the necessary material.It takes a piece of dural tube, a spring wire, stainless steel and nylon rod plate.You will also need some equipment - namely, the furnace for heat treatment, lathe, drill, jigsaw and tiski.Pered how to make a gun with your hands, you need to explore all the nuances of the process to find a suitable material, familiar with all the steps, and then proceed toimplementation of the idea.

# 2

In appearance it may seem that make speargun is as simple as to draw a soldier with a gun, but it is not.Each step must be thought out, especially with respect to the manufacture of springs, for which we can take the wire, navit it on a lathe, and then carry ou

t the heat treatment, but the best, of course, this process is entrusted to professionals.Once the spring is ready, you can start making the barrel.The optimal length of the tube can be from 60 to 70 cm. It is necessary to cut the thread, and then make some holes to better water came out.

# 3

It is necessary to attach the handle tube is made of two plates, in which you must make a hole for the trigger.With underwater gun will have less mess than those who wondered how to make air gun, but easy, as they say, does not happen anywhere else.The most time consuming and tedious part of the process is cutting out all holes and gaps, which a lot of patience and at this stage should be reserved.

# 4

main advantage of manufacturing underwater gun process at home is that the duralumin tube - is ready trunk and do not have to think about how to draw a gun, then cut his frame, etc. Here, everything is much simpler...Almost everything is ready, just make a couple of holes and everything.Harpoon is also easy to manufacture.He will serve as material for stainless steel, and the final step is to check the gun performance.For detailed schemes for the creation can be found on the Internet, and they should use everything to be clear on the instructions.Scrap materials will help to do what he likes, without spending at the same time a lot of money to buy a gun.Everything you need can be found by digging in the garage.