How to fish float rod ?

How to fish float rod ?
You will need:
  • Rod
  • Bait Lure
# 1

float rod - is a kind of fishing classic.Catching using this tool started almost all the fishermen.Each boasts memories of how his float twitched over the smooth surface of the water and the light revealed a small perch and ruffe.The device float rod is also quite simple: a rod made of fiberglass or carbon fiber;monofilament thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm;float, usually striped, noticeable from afar;Georgia from 60 to 300 grams;hook;bait.With such simple set of "go" and small, and quite a lot of fish, some people manage to catch on a float fishing rod even large predators.Members are mainly caught "float" a trifle - a serious fishing fish, known only to professionals.

# 2

uniqueness float rod is in the fact that with its help you can be fishing in a variety of settings.River with its rapid flow or standing water quiet lakes, deep or shallow water, a raft or a boat from the shore or a cozy pier, this rod always enable experienced fisherman catching someth

ing worthwhile.The very principle of gear has not changed for a very long time - you have to throw the bait with bait, calmly peering into the movement of the float, enjoying the beauty of the landscape, notice the biting should sweeps, and the fish pulled ashore.If necessary, carry out fertilizer, especially fishing may depend on the reservoir, and the weather conditions, but the main thing - the nozzle for float fishing rods easy to find almost under the feet or in the nearest shop.

# 3

Before fishing, it is necessary, of course, to ensure the appropriateness of equipment.Selection of hooks and fishing line thickness depends on the size of the fish - the numbers from 4 to 6 and 0.5-0.8 mm suited to carp or dried fish, and 0.5, and the number 15 will allow confidence to go for catfish.Bait should choose the season and type of fish, the same in warm water carp prefer to take porridge or bread, and when it gets colder, prefer to "bugs and worms."Significant differences in the approaches to using float rod lie in the characteristics of the reservoir and fishing points.From the shore and fishing on the lake is a bit different than on the boat and the river.The best, regardless of the environmental conditions (if it is, of course, not talking about the small suburban pond or stream) is considered to be fishing from a boat.The presence of the floating tool enables the fisherman as the need to change his position, to seek out the best places fish, chosen for such parts of the reservoir, where it is found that the fish that he is interested.

# 4

to know how to catch fish, you need to first know the rules of behavior on the water.From the boat you need to try to keep quiet, not to bring items that will rattle gently handle the oars, wear comfortable, quiet shoes.Of course, we should not talk loudly or throw any objects into the water.Even more features of a bait casting.Whether it's a boat or the shore, do not try to make romping shot from behind, but still in a big way.Firstly, it may cause the hook on the inertial movement - fishing line break.Secondly, this kind of "somersault" will cause the occurrence of noisy bait into the water and scare all the spoil.An experienced fisherman has an idea how to catch fish float rod in several ways.Classic - water surface on animal bait angling from the bottom with a sinker, a method of "rocker" sliding float.Different ways - on the different fish.