Fishing with an asterisk pasta for fishing

Fishing with an asterisk pasta for fishing
You will need:
  • pasta
  • bow
  • Lipstick
# 1

Most women today and many men do not understand the charm of fishing.In the Middle Ages, among the nobility, fishing was considered a matter of peasant, for the nobility was hunting.But the Baron de Bracieux du Vallon de Pierrefonds (known as Porthos) introduced the fashion for fishing.Since then, changed and tackle, and bait.Now you can buy a wobbler or a Mormon for all tastes, but our ancestors treated improvised bait.A piece of bark, a worm or caterpillar - all this was going on the bait.To learn how to cook pasta for fishing, thinking began after 1772, when the son of Peter the Great saw a halt during the campaign Amusing as fry catches on dishwashing in the river.Later, after talking with his father, he received permission to yourself to fish in the river.And, every time, seeing that they were going to dinner, he wanted to know how to cook pasta for fishing, what Peter looked exclusively through his fingers, ignoring attacks Pestunov.His Majes

ty always patronized handicrafts.But enough history.

# 2

Folk wisdom says - on the shore there is a worm.Anyone who has ever fished, confirm this.And the second - a neighbor bait is better - has practically indisputable.Talk about bait.To not have to ask banal question "what you catch?", You need to decide what we would like to catch.If bream, then this article will be helpful.Asked the anyone how to cook macaroni and cheese, you will understand how to prepare the bait - it should be slightly undercooked.Well conceived bait - half the catch.If you need to take barley carp, the bream on only pasta, which is why it is so important to know how to stuff the pasta.You can catch it on the worm, but then goes trolling boots.How strange it sounds, but if the bait is not the same - you can take a lipstick.If a simple bait does not work, you can safely spread her lipstick, and better than the Soviet or Russian production, an excellent result.

# 3

And now, the long-awaited moment - the night after catching.Dinner on the fire, talking about the day, plans for the next day, fried fish, certainly a little vodka, garnish ... Wait, what about the garnish on nature?Assist the same pasta.About how to prepare homemade pasta in nature, written books weight, so stop here does not make sense.The main thing - do not forget to take with him a bow.Baked on a fire, it is poured into a special shade of any dish.You can also think about how to cook pasta with mushrooms, if left pasta with bait.