How to lose weight in the buttocks ?Use breeches shorts Slimming Hot Shapers

How to lose weight in the buttocks ?Use breeches shorts Slimming Hot Shapers
You will need:
  • Breeches Hot Shapers
  • soft detergent
  • 2-3 hours every day
# 1

When exercise time is sorely lacking, women trymake the most of every minute of effective routine physical activity.It is for them breeches, Shorts for weight loss "Hot Shapers" have been developed that combine unique technology of sports shorts and fashion, creating a greenhouse effect.Why shorts breeches slimming and what is the principle of their actions?In the market of sporting goods and goods for slimming, there are many different clothes, created serve as an excellent weight loss goals and acquiring attractive forms.Almost all that underwear uses the same principles: utyagivaniya, warming the skin and subcutaneous layers micromassage pressure on different parts of the body and increase sweating.Unfortunately, in most cases, clothing performs any one function, leaving the "behind the scenes" many others.

# 2

Due to unique technology, will allow to create the material of three layers, shorts, breeches

slimming "Hot Sheypers" perform several roles: thanks to attractive stylish appearance they do not differ from sporting breeches-known brands, and thereforeusing them in the sports center or jogging, you can attract a lot of interested looks.Secondly, the upper layer provides a fairly strong utyagivanie problem areas, creating a beautiful silhouette.That is, engaging in such breeches, and no one will think that underneath lurks not too tightened figure - which means that you can safely wear them even on a simple hike, which is especially important for young mothers walking with prams.By the way, these breeches can be worn under clothing (jeans, pants, skirts) as slimming underwear.In autumn and winter, this approach is not worse than warm thermal underwear!

# 3

most interesting is the special properties of the upper and middle layers of the shorts.The upper fabric, pulling silhouette and always staying dry, tightly and securely hugs the abdomen, hips, and knees, thus preventing the flow of air, due to which the skin begins to sweat, even when a person is in such breeches just sitting or lying down.What to say about a little physical activity (walking tour, house cleaning, or simple normal rhythm of life) - just a couple of hours in breeches turn usual office day intensive training!After all, due to sweating shorts "Hot Sheypers" increase the burden of the blood stream, lymphatic, cardiac muscle work, and all of this will inevitably lead to accelerated consumption of calories.A similar principle is used ballerinas and professional dancers in preparation for a competition or responsible performances, to better hone their already beautiful body.

# 4

what to do with all the moisture in large quantities allocated pores of the skin during wear these shorts?The secret is stored in the material from which the middle layer: shorts "Although Sheypers" dry full moisture outside and inside.The middle layer absorbs drop by drop, which provides a pleasant comfort during wear and eliminates any trouble in the form of a squish flowing legs sweat streams or droplets, tread on the top layer.The inner layer of cotton makes these pants comfortable for the skin and body safe from the point of view of hygiene.So, use these bridges may best during sports activities, but also in everyday life, they will stand in good stead, making any movement in intense training.What brings much cherished volumes and shapes to real life, in fact found that the effectiveness of any employment increased by 4 times!

# 5

Due to the structural features of the material and high-performance action bridge shorts slimming "Hot Sheypers" should be used wisely, to bring health benefits and only one completely eliminate the damage.Dangers may lurk in the sweating: being a long time in a humid and warm environment (namely, a microclimate is formed under the shorts) are beginning to develop bacteria and microbes, not only threatening overheating, which would be so bad, but also diseases suchas thrush, itching perineum, cystitis and other inflammatory processes.To avoid such trouble, remember: longer than 2-3 hours, you can not wear shorts!Otherwise, it begins to multiply pathogenic sphere.After each use, shorts must be properly washed, getting rid of all the bacteria and the excess sweat that had accumulated in the middle layer.

# 6

Wash linen is also necessary to learn.Unfortunately, the modern technology of tailoring shorts do not accept modern methods of care for clothes: no cleaning, no washing machines and dryers.Exclusively hand wash in warm water about 30 degrees, as a cleanser or soap may be used (better to take the utility because of its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties), or a special soft tool for hand washing.Do not rub the fabric!Only the soft stroking movements, carefully and accurately.Pressing the shorts are not recommended if you want to keep their beautiful appearance and healing properties intact.Therefore, after rinsing is necessary to drain excess water, shake gently, and the material, spreading the folds, spread out to dry in a horizontal position.

# 7

effect of using sport pants will be visible in the near future.Of course, the most severe it will be, if put on the breeches sports training or at least walking, but even doing the house his business and while being in breeches "Hot Sheypers", many are surprised to find a significant reduction in weight and,most importantly, to tighten the skin without the slightest hint of cellulite in the abdomen, hips, buttocks and knees.