How to make a tackle for boilies with their hands ?

How to make a tackle for boilies with their hands ?
You will need:
  • Rod throughput rings
  • spinning reels
  • Lesko
  • Leash
  • sinker
  • Nozzles
# 1

bait in fishing always plays far not lastrole, because some fish can truly be called gourmets, who will not throw at all that a fisherman he will avenge them in their water kingdom.For example, carp and other large fish, baits are very good, so the fisherman should know how to make a tackle for boilies.Comprising such gear from the vinyl tube with a short forend hook, yarn braids, silicone stoporka, swivel and glue "Moment".

# 2

for pike already requires other bait and tackle, respectively.Any angler will tell you that this is the pike fish, for which there is a hunt, which makes it often the object of catching on sport fishing.Fans pike knows how to collect spinning tackle, because the ideal tackle for angling priority of fish to be found.The structure of such a gear includes a special rod, reel, fishing line, lead, sinker, hooks and bait.

# 3

But feeder tackle, which is perfect for catch

ing carp, takes "on the shelf" angler special place.Fisher, who is able to tell you how to make a tackle on the carp, while the question of the assembly, a special mention on the feeder rod, the main line, reel, bait and feeding trough.Because of all this, and a member of the feeder gear, which, being ground tackle, is the most common on the carp.

# 4

can be caught on the feeder with the success of not only the carp, bream and, therefore, if the angler knows how to catch carp, he also knows how to make a tackle on bream.Many fishermen are fixed to the main line monofilament, they swivel attached monofilament to a smaller diameter, and then the leash with a hook.This tackle labor intensive to manufacture, but it is quite effective.In addition, when the toe is torn only a thin monofilament lost feeder and inventory itself is maintained.

# 5

hardest fishermen gets cautious fish that responds to tackle very quickly and kept away from her.To catch cautious fin representatives, need to know how to build a fly-fishing tackle that is light and not visible to the fish swimming away from the shore.In such a trick catch asp, saber fish, trout, grayling, bleak, and many other fish.An experienced fisherman will never prefer one tackle, because then it will catch the same fish, but the desire to diverse catch and pushes him to explore other gear, no matter how difficult they may seem.