How to calculate payroll taxes , personal income tax ?

How to calculate payroll taxes , personal income tax ?
You will need:
  • Knowledge of accounting and tax legislation
# 1

One of the major blocks, which is engaged in the organization of an accountant, a payroll.The accountant should not only correct, but also timely to charge wages.He must understand the intricacies and tax laws, to know how to calculate payroll taxes.A professional accountant always explain to their employees what they are deductions for income tax, having children, and the necessary documents in order to take advantage of this deduction.

# 2

paying for their education or training your child, it is helpful to know that some of the money spent can be returned.Who sold a large amount of literature, the answer to the question of how to return the tax fees.First of all you need: a copy of a contract with an educational institution, a copy of the establishment license, reference 2-PIT on the payroll and payment documents confirming the payment.If payment is made for the child, a copy of the birth certificate.The package of docum

ents supplied to the tax office at the place of registration and the provisions of the law the money will be transferred to the information provided.

# 3

buying a vehicle, the owner of the future is important to know how to calculate the tax on the car.There are several primary factors: the power of the vehicle, the year of release of the car, as well as the tax rate in the region where the machine will be registered.

# 4

In my practice, for various reasons, the accountant is sometimes necessary to pay fines to the budget in taxes.When deciding how to calculate interest on taxes, accountant primarily in the moment, can use all kinds of accounting calculators.The principle is, first and foremost in terms of penalties, depending on the following factors: the amount, payment date, the refinance rate on the payment date.

# 5

land owner should not forget that he will have to face not only pleasant moments of possession, but that will have to sort out the issue of how to calculate land tax.There are important points: plot size and location, as well as the land tax rate in the region.

# 6

As a result, it should be noted that becoming a property owner, a person acquires not only the rights to the property, but also responsibilities, including those related to taxes.