How can I get CPP at the Interior Ministry ?

How can I get CPP at the Interior Ministry ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Sincerity
  • ability to control emotions
# 1

In a career of almost every police officer comes a time when you need to visit the center psycho-fizeologicheskoy diagnostics (CPP).The procedure is not very pleasant, but it is not so terrible if at all understand.So how to get CPP at the Interior Ministry, and that it needs?This procedure consists of several parts: tests, communication with the psychologist, the lie detector (polygraph).

# 2

The first step will be a test, which is designed to identify personality traits, character test to check the level of his education and intelligence.This process is not simple, requiring no little stamina and patience as is necessary to respond to 560 questions within three hours.Similar tests will pass and as it was already serving in the organs (such as the transition to a higher position), and those who are going to join the ranks.So the answer to the question: what to do in the MVD school starts in this place.

# 3

Immediately after the end of the test and inspection takes place a conversation with a psychologist in the process of which will be asked various questions about the respect of the family, hobbies, alcohol abuse and drugs, and so on. N. This type of testing is morebig test, because after the test solution is present wild fatigue, and a psychologist will try to reveal the whole story, which is trying to hide the subject.Do not pass such a test, and those who decided to return to the bodies and thinks over the question: how to recover from the Interior Ministry?

# 4

final step of this long way will lie detector (polygraph).Questions asked in the course of this study will be of a different character, but one thing unites them - they are designed to identify the things that people carefully tries to hide and weed when typing in the MVD of undesirable persons or weed has employees who for health reasons can not pass service.Such employees are sent for examination in the two weeks required to undergo such a commission, and is worth pondering: How to resign from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

# 5

worth mentioning that lie at all stages of the CPE is meaningless it can have a negative impact on the result of the survey.So, if the question arose as to how to pass the polygraph in the Ministry of Interior or to deceive him, you should not even try.Just need the most honest and sincere answer to all questions, since the machine still will tell if somewhere there was an attempt to hide anything.

# 6

Based on all that is written above, the CPP does not seem so complicated and heavy exercise.After all, this system is designed not only to prevent, everyone who thinks arranged to serve in the bodies, and for the qualitative screening of undesirable candidates.It must be remembered, is less to give vent to emotions, to speak sincerely and truthfully, even if such a test will take place quite easily.