How to make a tackle on the carp ?

How to make a tackle on the carp ?
You will need:
  • Rod
  • coil
  • main line
  • Leash
  • Hooks
  • Bait
# 1

to fish at great depths are not simple enough, but whenchoosing the proper gear even careful fish goes patient angler.For bottom fishing is perfect known to many fishermen tackle "koltsovki", so the question of how to make a tackle on the carp fishermen often mention it was her.To build it required a ring main cord, leash, lock pellet, fishing line and a feeding trough, where, in fact, laid the bait.

# 2

tackle, which is intended for carp, and bream can be caught, but for the latter type of fin, there are other options for tricks.Moreover, these tricks can vary greatly among themselves, but the effectiveness of each other not to concede.To learn how to make a tackle on bream, enough to turn to experienced fishermen, which are primarily in response to this question mentioned feeder tackle.It includes braided fishing line, reel, hooks, designed for large fish, a leash, and bait feeder.

# 3

As you know, not every fish

is different curiosity, so fishermen should know how to collect fly-tackle, which is intended for chub, chub, ide, bleak, sichel for other fish.The structure includes a special fly fishing tackle rod, reel, undergrowth, fly line and artificial fly.The whole design is very light tackle such as careful fish thrown back quickly frightened tackle, and fly-pays little attention.

# 4

As mentioned above, the bait is playing a major role in the success of fishing different fishes.Very often, fishermen used to catch carp baits, which can be cooked at home.However, it is necessary to know not only the recipe for bait, as well as how to make a tackle for boilies, without which they will not bring the catch.For its production will require the thread twist, swivel, vinyl tubing, a hook with a short forend and glue "Moment".

# 5

catching object very often becomes a pike anglers that their sharp teeth can easily bite, even a strong twine.Any hunter freshwater predator that needs to know how to collect spinning tackle, which rightfully dominates among other options.The composition of this trick necessarily includes rod, strong fishing line, spinning reel, and lure primanka.Probovat collect any tackle, on the advice of an experienced angler you need before you go on a fishing trip, as has already gained experience play into the hands of the fisherman.