How to take maternity leave, the child's father ?

How to take maternity leave, the child
You will need:
  • documents confirming birth
  • confirmation of employment mother
# 1

In anticipation of a small miracle to all future parents raises many questions related to the design of the maternity leave.Maternity leave can take only my mother, because the wording of this phrase implies registration of sick leave before the birth and after.In many families (and it is now not uncommon) responsible for the upbringing of a child from infancy takes on the father.It happens that the mother can not leave their job for a long time.Nothing untoward, the most common reason for this decision - a career woman.

# 2

Recently, a woman in the social world is on par with a man, or even a step ahead.Before you take maternity leave, the couple weighing the possibilities.And if a woman has an income of more than a man, then the question arises: whether the spouse may issue such leave?No, it can not, but he has the right to leave to care for a child.In fact it is one and the same, and is regulated by t

he same article of the Labour Code.

# 3

Father in his office must submit documents confirming the birth of the child and employment of his wife.Question how retire on maternity leave, as a rule, does not arise.If for some reason it arose (change of residence), the dismissal procedure in this case, the standard.An employer may dismiss the employee not later than two weeks from the date of submission of the application.But when a woman and so on holiday, there is no obligation to fulfill this period.

# 4

Russian legislation also allows close relatives to draw parental leave.Before you issue the maternity leave grandmother to prove kinship.Further, at the place of work (if grandma runs) to provide these documents, as well as the child's birth certificate.And be sure to document the employment of both parents.

# 5

cash benefit for the care received by the same person who took the baby to grow instead of mom.It does not rely any payments to the mother.Circumstances may change, and the question arises, how to go on maternity leave the mother again?In this case, the procedure is executed interrupt holiday other related person.She can start his duties mother, at any time before the execution of the three-year age of the child.To do this, she would have to confirm the fact of the birth of the child and employment of the spouse (the next of kin, guardian).

# 6

When according to age, the kid can go to the nursery, it is possible to interrupt the vacation.Information on how to extend the maternity leave is explained in the same regulation, where registration of holidays.The reason for extension of the decree may be next.First, when a weakened child's health (it will be necessary to provide evidence of health centers), but not later than six years of age of the child.Second, which came following pregnancy and childbirth, the period is extended for another three years after the date of birth of the second child.The other reason for the extension of maternity leave - no.