How to eat a weekly menu?

How to eat a weekly menu?
You will need:
  • desire to lose weight
  • discipline
# 1

Nowadays, almost every second woman wants to lose weight.Many people try to sit on different diets, which do not always bring benefits to the body, and will happen, so that stringent diets lead to irreparable consequences.In order to achieve results in the fight against excess weight should be, above all, listen to your body and think about proper nutrition.Choose for yourself a proper diet for weight loss menu, which will be acceptable and accessible, everyone can.This is no big deal.

# 2

Everyone understands the concept of "proper nutrition" in their own way.Some believe that the diet should completely exclude meat products, others do not eat starchy foods and sweets, others just harassed himself to death.nutrition secret is that you need to spend a little more calories than you consume.But the daily diet should include a variety of products that do not harm the body.Special preference is given to vegetables and fruits.Before you

start to lose weight, you need to buy in a drugstore vitamins and minerals to complete the work of the body.

# 3

In order to provide the body and all its functions a person needs to consume about 1,200 calories a day.From this figure, you can choose suitable to him proper diet for weight loss which can create a menu based on familiar products.The only requirement - to reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates.And food is best not to fry and cook, bake or cook for a couple.This reduced their calorie content in some times.Acute products should also be excluded from the diet since they stimulate the appetite and also contain a large number of calories.And be sure to drink plenty of fluids.Drink requires about two liters per day (exclude sugary soft drinks).And the most useful drink for weight loss is considered to be green tea.

# 4

should not forget that proper nutrition for weight loss, which is offered below the menu, and can be individually developed by each, based on personal preferences.Thus, we consider the approximate menu for the day.Breakfast: Oatmeal on the water, an apple, a cup of coffee without sugar (you can with milk).Lunch: 1-2 baked potatoes, 150 grams of fish, vegetable salad, dressed with lemon juice and a spoon of olive oil.At snack you can afford grated carrots, seasoned with olives.Dinner should be no later than 19 hours: 200 grams of boiled chicken breast, raw vegetables, a glass of unsweetened tea.For better self-control, you can create a schedule for yourself and the menu for the week.As a result of this way of eating will soon become a way of life, or at least a useful habit.Of course, for the best effect slimming and support a stable weight should be included in your daily routine exercise, especially in the passive lifestyle and sedentary work.If you can not access the facilities, we can restrict morning exercises and evening jog.

# 5

Still, you must remember that any diet or switch to a different kind of power - always stressful for the body.Some people are counter diet for health reasons.So before you stick to your diet and include exercise routine, you should consult with your doctor.