How to reduce pain during labor ?

How to reduce pain during labor ?
You will need:
  • obstetrician
  • anesthesiologist
  • positive mood
  • painkillers
# 1

birthday child in the family is one of the most important events in human life.But, unfortunately, in some women the pain during labor is intolerable, due to which a woman in labor may lose so desired at this point, control.Especially difficult are the first birth among women.Therefore, for childbirth need careful preparation.First of all you need to know how to reduce pain during labor.

# 2

Each person is peculiar fear of pain.But if you do not control your fear, then this condition can develop into panic.Such a state will only hurt maternity.So when a woman is suitable delivery time, then it must necessarily undergo a psycho-prophylactic preparation in the antenatal clinic or in special courses.This will help her mentally prepare and tune positively.After all, faith - great force!There, a woman to teach how to breathe during childbirth.Especially in the case of things, there are now modern facilities an

d the latest methods of pain relief.

# 3

pain during childbirth occurs due to the opening of the cervix.Today, one of the new and safe methods of pain relief is epidural anesthesia.It's such a procedure, when the waist is administered through a catheter painkillers.Plus the fact that the drugs take effect is to focus the pain - instantly.Epidural anesthesia is considered to be a local anesthetic.This procedure makes for several reasons.For example, if you need the stimulation of the birth canal by administering oxytocin.It accelerates the cervix, and thereby increases the pain.Or in complicated childbirth.

# 4

By no pharmacological method of pain relief include acupuncture.But this method anaesthetises short term.Also, there electroneurostimulation in which two pairs of electrodes are attached to the back pulses received in the pain center.Woman in labor itself can control the power of the electrodes available.Facilitate labor pains as well help a circular motion pelvis.Even if the pain is severe, the supine position will only worsen the condition of women in labor.Doctors recommend that on the contrary to move more, to change the position.All of this will accelerate the process of childbirth.