How to make a library blog , reader design diary

How to make a library blog , reader design diary
You will need:
  • notebook
  • pens, pencils, paints, markers
  • scissors
  • magazines or printed pictures
  • glue
  • line
# 1

Blog Entriesallow to recall the book by time.The blog can be found on the data read books heroes.The content of the diary will help you understand what kind of books I enjoy more.Common rules for how to draw the reader's diary, does not exist.To use the diary notebook in a cage (album).On the title indicates, "Reader's Diary", the name and surname of the owner class.The artwork decorate themed drawings.On the first page of the diary list note books for reading, indicate the contents.For maximum comfort numbered pages.

# 2

can not learn the ropes, how to decorate the library blog, important to remember that as soon as the book is read immediately be filled diary.After some time, it is recommended to scroll through the diary to the knowledge and experience to remember.Regular filling and decoration diary reinforces good read in the memory works.

# 3

Consider some of the features, how to decorate the library blog 1 class.Making journal entries more conveniently in the form of a table.The columns indicate the date of reading the book, the author's name, the time taken to read this book.teachers require the presence of "parent Signature" column in some readers' diaries.

# 4

Students older can come in handy the following ideas, how to decorate the library blog 2 class.If you liked the book, in a column with the name (or specifically the abandoned site) paint the hero, you can paste a thematic picture, portrait of the author, on the basis of reading to do illustrations, comic books;create puzzles, riddles about the characters;crossword.For the characters of myths, of the princes of ancient Russia can make a family tree.

# 5

Some readers noted in his diary of those who advise them to read the book, what events are the most memorable, what conclusions did after reading.It is possible for the reader to use the diary notebook (albums) large volume, and free pages devote favorite characters, describing their appearance, habits, traits, friends.

# 6

reader Keeping a diary helps students to express the main idea of ​​the work a few sentences.Pointing to the author, the main characters, the child remembers better the data.Reading the works and writing the content of the diary, the student develops writing skills, learning to analyze and highlight the main idea of ​​the author.

# 7

main purpose of the regular filling of the reader's diary is to teach the child to analyze what they read, to do meaningful conclusions, develop memory, the reader's culture.