How to pronounce the letter R ?

How to pronounce the letter R ?
You will need:
  • therapist
  • patters
# 1

happens that often the difficulties with speech can become a cause for which the desired work may not be available, because some jobs requireperfect pronunciation.How, for example, the leading radio or news, a teacher at the school.It is not sad to realize it.In addition, difficulties in pronunciation can cause difficulties in everyday communication and recognition, as well as become an insurmountable obstacle to the establishment of new acquaintances.Therefore, the need to address this big problem is not in doubt.

# 2

It should be noted that it is not necessary to immediately contact the speech therapist and panic if the child is less than four years.Difficulties in pronunciation in children under four years of often disappear on their own, do not worry in advance.But anyway, keep in mind that to pronounce the letter A and the other letters to the baby should have 5-6 years.If this is not the case, of course, is to take action as soon as possibl

e - to turn to the appropriate specialist - speech therapist.A good therapist knows the standard of speech for different ages, each sees the problem and is working directly with them, in addition, individual program is necessary to fix the pronunciation of the house.Of course, playing with a specialist will give a faster result, there is no doubt.

# 3

But if a parent wants to deal with a child on their own and want to know how to learn to pronounce the letter l his child, then it is possible to recommend the following set of program: First you need to clearly understand what is happening at the physical level, pronunciation of the letterL. Language rests on the teeth and in the pronunciation of words, such as "light", "Lama", "lily", he is repelled by them.For words that after A is a vowel, softening it, such as "love", "chandelier", language rests not in the teeth, but rather in the upper sky.It is important to understand.It is worth remembering that often need to work out with the child the words with the letter A, and tongue twisters.To do this, fit the famous "Carl Clara stole corals and Clara Carl stole clarinet";"Ships tacked, tacked but not vylavirovali".

# 4

blurts need to slowly and clearly, if the language does not listen, then you can clamp it between his teeth, as if fixing.Undoubtedly this will bring significant positive results.Russian language, or rather books in this language - what you need to read the child, while paying attention to pronunciation.Where necessary - to correct, so it is better to remember how to pronounce the letter L. All listed set of exercises suitable for adults with wrong pronunciation.And of course, with proper and regular use of it, will help to overcome the undesirable complexity to the letter L.