Parse playpen according to the instructions

Parse playpen according to the instructions
You will need:
  • arena
  • hands
# 1

Playpen used until such time as the child reaches the weight of 14 kilograms.It is important to follow all safety rules when using the arena.Safety rules are written in the instructions to the arena.Also in the manual there is a section "How to disassemble the arena."If much time has passed since the time of purchase and the instruction is lost, there are general guidelines to the dismantling of the arena.

# 2

First you need to detach the mattress from the bottom of the arena, and remove it.The bottom of the arena to lift before you unlock the wall.At the bottom of the arena «Jetem» has a locking latch that prevents spontaneous folding design.In order to gather as a playpen «Jetem» no problem and everything is done simply.But to disassemble the arena for the first time is difficult.

# 3

Next you need to turn the crank center arena 90 degrees clockwise and pull over to the center rose to the same level with the walls.After - to collect all the legs

together so they fit snugly together.Then it is necessary to unlock the arena bumpers.Most often this is done by pressing the button on the inside.Before you choose a playpen, it is necessary to ensure the availability of this button, as it will significantly simplify the assembly process.

# 4

If bumpers are not enabled after pressing the button, it is not necessary to press on.You just need to raise the center of the arena above.After that, it is necessary to drop down ledges.Next you need to pull all four legs to the center of the arena, wrap the mattress around the arena assembled and secure straps.Here, in principle, and the whole list of necessary manipulations to solve this problem.Any man can easily handle.

# 5

Before you choose a playpen for children, lovers of travel, or for those who like to relax on the weekend in the country, it is necessary to pay attention also to the existence of carrying case.Bag This is very convenient as it is very compact folded playpen.It does not take up much space in the car or in a closet.If such a case is, it is necessary to pass the straps on the other side of the mattress and ready to assemble an arena packed in a bag.

# 6

now too, knowing how to disassemble a playpen bed, no problems should not arise.It is important to remember that children do not like to be alone, and can be perceived as punishment arena.Therefore, the choice of the arena should pay attention to its different functions.Music unit and module with toys help the child not to be sad in the arena.The child will only be happy if the parents will play with him while he was in the arena and will not be upset when it will be put in the playpen.