How to keep the column of the newborn ?

How to keep the column of the newborn ?
You will need:
  • Effort
  • Desire
  • Newborn
  • Consultation pediatrician
# 1

When the baby in the family in caring mom noticeably added household tasks that take up all herfree time.This is not surprising, because the child - is, above all, a great responsibility imposed on the shoulders of parents.If a woman is the first addition to the family, then there is a lot of global issues, and one of them, how to keep newborn column.In some hospitals, doctors introduce young mom with the "instruction manual" crumbs, but it often happens that the answer to this question has to look at numerous forums on the net.

# 2

Normally, young parents, seeing this tiny helpless creature, even afraid to take him in my arms, that in no case do not harm health.However, very soon, this fear disappears and loving mom starts deftly controlled with the child.First of all, it provides the right care for the newborn and learns to keep his column?The question is, when and why is it necessary?

# 3

First of all, it is important to understand that the position of the "column" is particularly relevant after each feeding, because it is imperative that toddler srygnul air that came along with breast milk during breastfeeding.If the sound after the meal will not be made public, it is possible that the baby starts to act up, revealing an extreme degree of irritation and discontent.So the best thing these "demonstrations of" avoid, and after each of breastfeeding put his column.How to do it correctly?

# 4

to start to take the crumbs vertically and squeeze it to her so that small chin lying on the shoulder of her that caring.One hand on the mother should put the children's head, thus holding both the head and the chin, but the second is conveniently located on the tiny buttocks, keeping well and restless legs.Also worth noting is that the position of a column for a newborn is an excellent analgesic, such as posture contributes to the rapid elimination of intestinal colic and painful spasms.

# 5

As a rule, this position the baby is particularly relevant in the age of 0 - 4 months, because during this period the child has seen tangible digestive problems.If caring mom would regularly use the column position, they can be avoided.After he srygnet, can be put to one side, thereby improving the process of digesting food.But in fact, there are many other items, how to take the newborn, the main thing - to choose for themselves the one that is most like crumbs.

# 6

So, crumbs can be held in front of chest.In general, both of these positions are similar, but in this case the child should get vertically and clamped to itself so that its face directed "away".One hand to fix a child's armpit and the thumb on melenko the shoulder, and the other - to press naughty legs to his stomach.So the child can observe everything going on around him, and the long-awaited sound of burping sounds as soon as the position in the case of "a column."However, this is not all the tricks treatment with the child, so young parents will learn what else in the first months of life, their long-awaited baby.