How to find a job in Germany without knowing the language ?

How to find a job in Germany without knowing the language ?
You will need:
  • job in Germany
  • love to work
  • job in the US
  • finding employment pregnant
  • work in the North
# 1

Many tryto find a job abroad.For example, in Germany, in order to find a job, set up a specific procedure for filing documents.A simple summary, sent over the Internet, does not help in finding a job, so how to find work in Germany?It is necessary to write a biography, photo and attach it, such as a passport.The photo of the applicant's face must be cheerful, sad people Germans considered a last resort.In his biography necessarily have to specify the date of the end of education, marital status, place of work, knowledge of languages.The rest of the recording to the discretion of the employee.Biography should be in German.

# 2

So, a person employed, how to love your job?In order to work is fun, it is necessary that there was a negative attitude.Those who pre-decided for myself that will not achieve anything in the workplace, in advance doomed himself to a negative attitude

to work.It should be around the strive for excellence, to do their job thoroughly and well, the achievements will bring satisfaction, the work will be fun

# 3

Work abroad are increasingly attracted to the Russians, how to find work in the US?It is necessary to create a resume correctly.If you need some work - the seller, waiter, driver, and others, must be in the so-called opening letter to inform the employer.There is a program Work and Travel USA.If the applicant is a member of this program, then it will be an added bonus for a job.This program guarantees the employer that the person has received official permission to work in the United States and he has a visa that permits to work in the United States 2-4 months.

# 4

Find a job with a decent salary for a pregnant woman is difficult, how to get pregnant on the job?Employers are often reluctant to hire pregnant women.But the woman, waiting a little, get a real job.We need to settle in those organizations where there is a complete benefits package.This government or commercial enterprises, outstanding "white" salary.

# 5

There are people who are interested in how to find a job in the North.Work hard in the north, the conditions difficult.Companies try to hire people physically healthy, have no contraindications to stay in the North.There are age limits.For women 18-36 years for men 18-45.