How to teach your child to ask for a pot ?

How to teach your child to ask for a pot ?
You will need:
  • child
  • Pot
# 1

From the birth of one of the main concerns of parents are wet and dirty diapers, sliders and other pants.This is due to the fact that the little man is not able to announce that he wants to use the toilet.It just makes their "business" and still enjoy life.Control the urge to urinate and the more serious cases the baby will learn to only close to two years.It was during this period, most children begin to walk on the pot.Naturally, parents want to make it happen quickly, and they wonder how to teach the child to ask for a pot.On the one hand, it is quite easy to do, but on the other hand, it is not necessary to fly ahead of the engine and try to instill in your child something that he is not ready yet.

# 2

So, to teach the child to ask for a pot worth when it is ready for this.For about 6-8 months, some children begin to show displeasure before "do their business".But in this innocent age of the child is still little understood, so even if it permanently

planted in the pot, it is unlikely that he will guess that was required of him.Fully teach a child to potty can be approximately 1.5 years.That's when most of the children already understand the essence of what is happening, and even themselves bring the pot.If this happens, parents should not remain indifferent to this.Little should be planted in the pot and praise for success.If a child or nakakat wrote in his pants, then for it in any case impossible to abuse.But to explain that all this must be done in a designated place, that is in its own pot, very necessary.

# 3

Typically, children begin to ask yourself on the pot when not yet able to speak.This can be expressed in a distinctive sound, or the actions (sitting down, removed her panties and so on. D.).Parents should pay attention to all these manifestations of the child and try to understand without words.Otherwise, it may no longer express their wishes and then to accustom the baby to the pot will continue to be somewhat problematic.

# 4

If the child is in any did not begin to ask for a pot and does not consider it necessary to sit down on it, it is worth to postpone the process of learning.It is possible that the baby is still "not ripe".As the saying goes, everything has its time, and adults without exception, go to the toilet, and do not write for themselves.Do not force the issue, since the child can and does hate pot and defiantly refuse it.You can try to rectify the situation trick: buy another pot or invite pee toy.In short, imagination and creativity will help in this delicate matter.

# 5

Thus, teach the child to ask for a pot just enough.Usually children and themselves begin to do this at a certain age, and the task of parents is not to miss an important period.