How to get to the hospital : a taxi or an ambulance ?

How to get to the hospital : a taxi or an ambulance ?
You will need:
  • Phone fastest taxi
  • ability to take himself in hand
  • Address hospital
  • Quick response
  • Parturient wife
# 1

already at 37 weekspregnancy, expectant mom should really consider an important question, how best to get to the hospital at the beginning of labor.There may be several options, but the best in a timely manner to predict the unexpected situation.So, how to get to the hospital, if you have already started the process of labor and delivery?

# 2

In this case, there are three options, but you need to pick one - the most suitable.If the hospital is a ten minute walk from the house, it is best to get to it on foot.The fact that it is desirable during labor remain in motion, significantly weakening the intensity of pain.However, most go to the hospital is not recommended, it is better to take a future dad.By the way, he must also know how to find a wife from the hospital.

# 3

In addition, you can use a taxi service, which instantly whisk to the hospital;for an ad

ditional fee, of course.However, there is a drawback: the city traffic jams and congestion can slow down the progress towards the destination, in the case of delivery constitutes a threat to the mother and child.If you went into labor at night, it is best to call a taxi.

# 4

Before you choose a hospital, you need to think about how to it can be quickly reached with the discharge of water and at the beginning of labor.Of course, you can always call an ambulance, which will take not just "where necessary", but also help with the paperwork in the waiting room.However, there is a drawback: as a rule, medical transportation is not always available and sometimes have to wait for him for a long time.

# 5

If the choice between a taxi and an ambulance, it is best to use common sense and a forum of young parents.Very often women have given birth to leave comments, describing in detail his journey to the hospital during labor.However, many people prefer to choose a free ambulance services.

# 6

machine to come as quickly as possible, it is important to call to report that a woman gives birth.In such cases, doctors are left all his urgent business and urgently sent to the specified address.Upon arrival, they help the new mother to come down the street, and even use a stretcher if necessary.Choose the shortest way to the hospital, and all the cars on the road give way to the carriage road.So a woman in labor very quickly come to the hospital, where her first aid.

# 7

most ideal option - it is a personal transport.The machine should always be "at hand", especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.Here, the problems with the arrival to the hospital certainly should not have, but more importantly, to caring husband just checked the serviceability of the car, as well as the presence of gasoline in the tank.So it is best to consider this issue in detail in advance, so that when battles do not panic, frantically dialing the taxi number or emergency, for example.Also, newly minted papa must clearly know how to take away from the hospital.