How to learn to speak correctly and beautifully ?

How to learn to speak correctly and beautifully ?
You will need:
  • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, books
  • Self-control and willpower
  • Training
# 1

Everyone noticed that a man who knows how to speak properly, easily makes necessary impressionfaster and easier to trust seeks to achieve goals.In this regard, more and more people are thinking about how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully.In doing so, they help the following tips.

# 2

First of all, right speech should be competent.Any public speech or presentation can be spoiled by the words "Call", "theirs", "agree" or wrong phrasing.Therefore, anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills, must first peruse textbooks and reference books of the Russian language, learn the correct pronunciation of words and the rules for constructing sentences.When communication is necessary to continuously monitor his speech, avoiding incorrect accents, incorrect pronunciation of words or grammatical rules violations.In addition, continuous monitoring of their own words will help identify weakne

sses and most frequent mistakes, and then to work on them.

# 3

second rule - it should be pleasant listening ear.The voice must be well-trained and confident, with the right intonation and fine tuned by pauses where needed.Not allowed frequent stumbling, "swallowing" of sounds and endings, too rapid speech, which does not have time to understand the listener.Such speech impediments like stuttering or incorrect pronunciation of sounds, it is best to try and fix with a speech therapist, if possible.It is important to follow and for the purity of speech, avoiding the domination of words-parasites "as if", "ie", "well" means "For the novice speaker irreplaceable acting classes - they will deliver voice, diction and taught to choose and apply the right.intonation.

# 4

colorful, rich voice, attracting the attention of the audience, almost unthinkable without extensive vocabulary, proverbs knowledge of proverbs and winged phrases. To enrich his speech, you can use the dictionaries of synonyms, of phraseology, the collection of proverbs and sayings.and, of course, we must not forget about reading. Frequent reading of the classics of Russian and foreign literature as well as possible impact on the beauty of speech, and the ability to accurately express their thoughts.

# 5

course, learn how to beautifully not get to speak firstthe same time. It will take a long and hard training. Oratorical skills can sharpen both alone in front of the mirror and in front of family and friends.Here again, you need to remember the advice constantly monitor the speech even in daily communication with colleagues or family members need to remember about the beauty and purity of speech.The ability to speak depends largely on the prevailing habit to speak properly, so you need every day to shape it, not letting yourself relax and to screw in a conversation a few words-parasites or incorrectly constructed sentences.

# 6

course, comply with all the recommendations - a rather complex matter, requiring much time and effort.But the formation of a beautiful speech - is investing in their future and in their careers.Moreover, even informal relations will develop much better if to master the ability to dispose of his companion a beautiful and correct speech.Thus, the ability to speak well - is a powerful weapon, and any person, regardless of his profession and circle of friends should get this weapon in your arsenal.