As taken from the hospital : tips for dads

You will need:
  • Money
  • Help relatives
  • Fantasy
  • Bouquet
  • cake with champagne
# 1

When the baby born young mom can not wait, whenas it finally discharged from the hospital.But of all the nuances of the official statement must reflect newfound father, who would have to provide at home all the conditions for mother and child.On the issue of how to take away from the hospital, is useful to help my mother and sisters, if any, as the women's councils will make the day of discharge light and joyful, and most importantly - hassle-free.

# 2

First of all, you need to buy a kit to extract, in which the baby will get acquainted with their new family members and friends of the family.In the summer it can be easy to trim suit necessarily bonnet, and in the winter - warm overalls with hat.Anyway, putting crumbs best for the weather to avoid hypothermia and high temperatures.

# 3

Besides caring husband should think about how to get to the hospital and then how to bring his beloved wife with th

e child home?If the hospital is close to home and away and can be reached on foot, after discharge, again, the weather, a walk in the fresh air.In this case, the baby needed an envelope and a festive ribbon selected by gender.If there is a personal transportation, it is necessary to ensure that the car seat in the back seat.Just because crumbs can provide comfort and safety while driving.

# 4

To help the confused daddy comes Agency, providing a solemn statement from the hospital.Normally, young parents are happy to agree to such aid paid since the organizers undertake all efforts and cares, the main thing just to pay the money properly.And then on the day of discharge, you can feel like a guest at your celebration of life, not thinking about a photo or a video shooting.

# 5

Before you meet his wife from the hospital, it is important to decorate the flat balls and touching inscription, thus creating a sense of celebration.For this lesson, you can attach the relatives and friends of people who are also looking forward to visiting the home of the smallest member of the family.However, to arrange a great feast is still not worth it, because the young mom needs to rest after the difficult birth and the hospital, so take her guests would not want to.

# 6

loving husband should prepare a commemorative gift for his heroic wife, for example, to buy anything from jewelery, as thanks for completion of the family.Also it is important not to forget about the big bouquet of flowers for his wife and the material thanks to the medical staff.You can also do a cake, chocolates and champagne, which only will be pleased, "the hospital staff."

# 7

When the wife appears with a baby on the doorstep of the hospital, the young father has to go to her, to hug and kiss, and after pripodnesti bouquet of flowers as a token of gratitude.After the doctor will give him a child, and thank the people in the white coats.Everything else will take care of the room a solemn statement that, as a rule, for these days is preparing an entire enchanting ceremony.You also need to know how to choose a hospital.