As a teacher certified in the first category?An exemplary application of primary school teachers in the first category

As a teacher certified in the first category?An exemplary application of primary school teachers in the first category
You will need:
  • Statement
  • Attestation list previous certification
  • new attestation sheet
  • Portfolio personal achievements
# 1

Certification for Teachers - an important procedure.It stimulates to improve the quality of education and give teachers confidence in their abilities and skills.And, also, it allows you to assess the level of quality of work of the teacher.In 2011, from January 1, new rules were introduced, according to which the certification will become mandatory for teachers at various levels.Those who did not pass certification tests must now confirm their compliance of the positions they occupy.And what is necessary for teachers who decide to apply for the first category?Firstly, you need to make a statement.You can write and submit for consideration at any time at the request of attestation.If the period of the first category of action ends with the submission of the application need to hurry.Make it should be three months before the end of the category.

# 2

application for a primary school teacher certification at the first qualifying category does not differ from similar statements subject teachers.In any case, in the preparation of the statements the teacher should pay special attention to its good validity.In addition to the statements required attestation sheet prior procedure of attestation.And, also, the teacher must complete a new attestation sheet.For attestation is expected to fill the first seven points of the sheet.Certified in the first category will help the teacher well-prepared portfolio of personal achievements.It fully reflects the ownership must be teachers with modern methods and techniques of the educational process.In addition, an important role in assessing the conformity of the first category will have effective results of teachers and improving the quality of student achievement in the subject.

# 3

restrictions on applying for assignment of the first qualifying category is very small.The right to receive it have teachers without a category;with the first category, which term or end or in the middle of the period, but only 2 years after its assignment;teachers with the highest category.A statement on the first category is now possible to write and teachers, not had time to work in the office and two years, and, also, women who are on maternity, and subsequently, for child care.The procedure for certification of the first category for the teacher reads as follows.The initial application will be considered by the Commission within one month.It assigns a place, but also the date of the validation tests, and as reported to the teacher.The test is conducted in the form of examination Portfolio of personal achievement.By the way, at a meeting of the Commission may present itself Appraisee.

# 4

Certification of teachers in the first category involves high demands.This efficient use of the teacher in the classroom of modern methods and techniques of the educational process.The big "plus" will be active dissemination of the experience.The teacher can present their participation in competitions of professional skill, speaking at seminars.Prevetstvuetsya active work on the regional methodical associations, generalization my experience teaching in any form.Significant contribution to the portfolio will make a qualitative development of the subject by students of the teacher, but also achieving students.This prize-winning places in the district and regional competitions, participation in distance competitions of different levels, conferences, creative competitions.All submissions are considered by the expert group.That is, it appraised, and draws conclusions of an expert opinion.Teachers working creatively and focused on improving their professional skills, to obtain a positive decision of the commission does not take much.