How to reduce the amount of breast milk ?

How to reduce the amount of breast milk ?
You will need:
  • rejection of racking
  • feeding on demand
  • regular alternation of the breasts while feeding
# 1

How to reduce the amount of breast milk?Many inexperienced nursing mothers, especially those who have recently born son was born, worry whether their child enough milk.But there are those who are trying to solve the problem of an entirely different persuasion: how to tie a little tap at the pouring out of their breast milk rivers.What to do when the milk is not just enough, and there is a serious oversupply of it?

# 2

This phenomenon is scientifically called giperlaktatsiey.Some people can not understand the concerns of those moms who only think about how to reduce the amount of breast milk.Like, live and enjoy yourself, that your child has food with a vengeance.But giperlaktatsiya not harmless.Lactating women suffering from the constant bloating, pain and breast milk leakage, against whom any special gasket powerless.A child from an overabundance of milk front tortured stoma

ch problems.

# 3

trouble is that breastfeeding is associated with an infinite number of myths that young mothers are treated not only to their older relatives, but also illiterate in these matters doctors.One of these "good advice" is a regular pumping - "to milk was enough."Yes, glorified in Soviet times for feeding and pumping mode only saved by the fact that the child in the first month did not lose much-needed natural food.But GW at the request of such manipulations are not necessary.They also can cause giperlaktatsii.

# 4

If that's the case, then reduce lactation is quite simple.We must get rid of the racking - not only do it in one fell swoop, but gradually.Consultants on breastfeeding usually recommend such a scheme care from them: to reduce pumping time for a few minutes every three days.All this should be combined with regular breastfeeding child.Newborn need to eat at least every two hours during the day, plus a couple of feedings between 3 and 8 o'clock in the morning.

# 5

addition unjustified refusal of pumping, reduce the amount of milk will help eliminate errors and other organizations of breastfeeding.For example, too frequent shifting from one breast to another, which also usually leads to giperlaktatsii.The fact that change each other breast should be about every 1.5-2 hours - no more.This is useful for the child: he will have time to suck and front and rear milk, which aids digestion and good weight gain.

# 6

Properly organized feeding on demand is accompanied by extremely rare phenomena like giperlaktatsii.After all the body is arranged so that the mother's breast produces as much milk as you need it baby.Understanding this mechanism will help to avoid a lot of problems, usually occurring from what mom did not listen to his own body and the child's needs, and to strangers - not always wise - advice.Even if the recommendation gives some very credible, do not forget that he or she is - a man who err and which are not smarter than nature itself.