How to cook biscuits from the curd soft and gentle ?

How to cook biscuits from the curd soft and gentle ?
You will need:
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  • Kitchen utensils
  • dough
# 1

Every housewife has its own secret recipe, each trying to impress with their creativity and talent in the field ofcooking.The recipe for this delicious goodies like cookies is quite simple and is light, but the action itself takes not so much time.After all, the main result: very gentle, very soft and simply delicious cookies.Post it can be for breakfast or vice versa, for any event or meeting over a cup of tea.So, how to cook biscuits from the curd?

# 2

Without that it is impossible to start the preparation of any dish?Of course, without the ingredients needed for preparation.So, the list of ingredients that will need: 2 cups wheat flour;a couple of eggs;butter or margarine for baking;400 grams of cottage cheese with fat content of 2%;half a teaspoon of vanilla;half a teaspoon of baking powder to the test;half cup sugar.For lubrication will need 1 egg, and for dusting poppy or sesame seeds, to decide what to taste.

# 3

Every fan of kitchen creativity knows no cooking equipment does not make any sense.Who knows how to cook biscuits "potato", with below a list of cookware is already familiar.You need: baking, serving plate, parchment paper, rolling pin (preferably wooden), tins of biscuits, spoon, bowl and mixer.The very first thing to do is melt the margarine for baking or butter in the same microwave.After that, give it a little cool.

# 4

The oil is then poured into a bowl, add the eggs and beat with a mixer until a light foam.Next, add cottage cheese, vanilla and sugar, a little beat up, though, this time at a very low speed.After preparing the dough is at home, you can understand how to make cookies at home on their own.The last step is to pour portions of wheat flour and the necessary number of baking powder, while constantly stirring with a spoon, until, until a mass of dense type, and then kneaded soft dough of cheese.After half an hour this dough is sent to the refrigerator.Before you follow these steps, you must make sure that the oven is baking cookies from the dough is in working condition and is heated to 200 degrees.

# 5

But how to decorate cookies, every cook knows himself.After all, everyone has their own imagination.The finished dough is rolled exclusively in the formation, the thickness of which is equal to 1 cm, and using special molds cut dough itself.Greaseproof paper was covered baking sheet and laid on top of the dough cut into two centimeter distance from each other.Top smeared with beaten egg and sprinkled with a little sesame or poppy seeds.Once placed in the oven for 20 minutes until golden brown.Here's how to make cookies at home is easy, simple and delicious.

# 6

Any preparation process is not complete without the details that people perceive as advice.So, in the absence of inventory of parchment paper, baking can be greased and sprinkle with a little flour usual.Vanilla can be replaced by any other aromatic seasoning that everyone has their own.Obsypaniya pastry poppy seeds or sesame seeds, only serves as an element of decoration.The finished dough in the refrigerator must be clean in the package or in the food film.