How to sterilize pacifiers as baby pacifiers be sterilized ?

How to sterilize pacifiers as baby pacifiers be sterilized ?
You will need:
  • Water
  • Pan
  • Dummy
# 1

Many people are interested in the question: how to sterilize pacifiers?Of course, in those women who have had children, never complain about something that does not know how to sterilize pacifiers for babies.Such a process is already in existence for many years, it does not require much time.But first you need to think about how to Dummy was not one, but still a few.Keep them must be in a clean container.

# 2

Here are the most common way to sterilize pacifiers - is boiling.You need to bring a small saucepan and pour just a little bit of water.Then bring to a boil, dip pacifiers to about two minutes.When they need to be removed and put on a plate, but it must be very clean and dry wiped.When they are dry, it means that they are ready for use and the kid does not get any bacteria.

# 3

But also there is another way, as sterilization pacifiers without boiling.This is done in the event that all the time no matter what is missing and urgently need

somewhere to go.It is necessary to boil the kettle and hold the pacifier there a few seconds, just above the ferry.But people must understand that all of the microbes to such a method would not leave, so the child can get sick with something.

# 4

Another way to sterilize soothers: take the steamer and fill it with water, turn the timer for three minutes and put the pacifier back, very easy way.Currently, young mothers help special sterilizers for teats and bottles for themselves, it is very convenient and does not waste time.To do this, just need to look to the pharmacy and buy without torturing yourself by boiling water.They are sterilized by means of ultraviolet rays that kill all bacteria, must be sterilized three minutes.

# 5

Also, some young mothers are sterilized pacifiers in the microwave oven, but in fact this treatment is not suitable for all pacifiers.It is currently pacifiers do not only rubber, but also plastic.For plastic are not suitable for all methods that are offered here.It is because of this need to consult your dealer, the material from which it is made, and a method of processing is best suited.Accordingly, the nipples should be cleaned with dental holes wand and rinse with water.This is to ensure that the child was not stomatitis.