Child after anesthesia : how to help and reassure the child?

Child after anesthesia : how to help and reassure the child?
You will need:
  • calm
  • goodwill
# 1

operations, narcosis - unpleasant chapter in the lives of some people.Adult patients coming out of anesthesia in different ways: some easy, some not so.But adults are already aware of their position and can more or less adequately assess the situation, in which there are.In children, in addition to the severity of the medical condition, feelings of pain, there is still not clear to them the feeling of being lost.

# 2

worth little to say about the anesthesia itself.Modern anesthesia - it's not the gas substance that could give a lot of complications in the future.The risk is always present, but modern preparations are reliable and tested.But, of course, much depends on the skill and experience of the anesthesiologist.Anaesthesia There are several types: inhalation, intramuscular and intravenous.Which method to choose drug administration anesthesiologist - depends on several parameters: the surgeon wishes, the length and complexity of the operation, th

e patient of chronic diseases, as well as the age and body weight of young patient.So, as the children away from the anesthesia.For them, this strange condition: the feeling of pain, lost in space and time.This is a huge stress for the child.Close adults should be there when he wakes up.

# 3

important to set a positive and try to smile at the baby.Saying you need calm, quiet, measured voice.Condition close, especially mom or dad, quickly transferred to the child.Therefore, a positive and serene attitude is very important in this moment.You can enjoy a soothing themselves before the baby wakes up, that there was no tears, his voice trembling with adults.It should be available in a few words explain to a child what happened to him, be sure to repeat: that all will be well;that there was nothing to worry about.If possible, it is best to dim the lights and to exclude any extraneous noise in the room.Since the anesthesia all the senses are sharpened and the bright light will hit very hard on the eyes, which can cause weeping.Duration of anesthesia recovery is about two hours.

# 4

Now the risk of complications after anesthesia is minimal, since the drugs are used constantly tested and updated.Moreover, it is worth considering that the doctors working anesthesiologists have sufficiently high qualification.It is worth repeating - the child after anesthesia needs constant attention.All his thought is to divert some sort of extraneous themes that will help him get out of this state.Kids older than you can think of and tell the tale, an allegory.For example, about how the wicked witch enchanted little princess, a noble knight carved black amulet, which the sorceress had bewitched the girl and make her beautiful and healthy again.

# 5

Very young children are much more difficult to tolerate anesthesia and come out of it, as they bring them down the usual mode of the day, sleep-eating regime.Because besides the fact that you can not eat or drink for 2-3 hours before anesthesia, something else after it, depending on the condition of the baby is not recommended to eat and drink water for about three to four hours.It is therefore important to think in advance: What is your favorite toys to take to the House, to distract the child;what books.Maybe we should take a nochnichok stars projected on the ceiling.Usually they come with light music.This will distract and calm the little patient.