How to play the army fight the guitar ?

How to play the army fight the guitar ?
You will need:
  • Customized Guitar
  • chords or tablature desired songs
# 1

First you need to understand why the army fight the guitar has such a name.The fact that it is this way to play the majority of songs performed by military personnel.Generally play Army combat can be in two different ways: without muffling the strings and priglushkoy.The most simple is the first way, it is with him and should start learning the game Army combat.Army battle without muffling the strings.The fight, which is discussed in this article, is called "Six".The fact that the game in this manner for one clock hand strikes the strings six times, but the blows are not chaotic and have strict sequence: The first two hits made down, and two pin-up are produced, and the fifth and sixth strokes occur respectively downand up

# 2

.Then all the elements are repeated, a new cycle begins.In order to play six, you can use the whole hand, finger, thumb or play mediator, special significance this will not have.It is worth

noting that when struck down, it is desirable to use the whole hand, and strike up only the thumb.Army battle with priglushkoy.Such an option of playing the guitar is virtually identical to the above.The only difference is that here there is a slight complication in the form of damping the strings.In order to fulfill this element, it is necessary during the second strike on the strings down the entire surface of the palm of the right hand cover of the string, thus muting them.

# 3

If you repeat a similar action during a single punch down, we get the necessary army battle with priglushkoy strings.It turns out about the following scheme: kick down, kick down + priglushka, blow up, blow up, kick down + priglushka and final in tact blow up.Such a way of playing a bit more difficult, but with a similar accompaniment song becomes livelier and more corresponds to what it used to hearing.Confident guitarist can easily search the Internet chords of your favorite song and learn to play their proposed fight.For those who have recently picked up a guitar in hand, it is recommended to train in the game six open strings (when no string is not jammed in any of the modes).

# 4

Or to train on a simple chord, which is typically a chord in A minor, which also has the designation Am.This chord is used because it is here that most of the army and begins yards songs.For the game in A minor must be the first (index) finger of his left hand hold the second string at the first fret (through the strings being the bottom), the second finger (middle) need to hold the fourth string at the second fret, and third finger (ring) hold the same tunethird string.Having trained in the game Army battle on one chord, should learn at the end of stroke (after the sixth blow right across the strings) to rearrange the fingers of his left hand so as to obtain a new chord, for example in E Minor.To capture this chord the third and fourth fingers are clamped only two strings at the second fret, fifth and fourth respectively.If the methods described above is obtained without difficulty to perform, it can be said that the army fight studied, and the guitar has become even closer to its development.