How to raise a son without a father a real man ?

How to raise a son without a father a real man ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Love
  • Lusk
  • Understanding
# 1

In today's world are often many couples break up before or after birth.Pope goes, and my mother is left alone with the child.If the child - the girl, then there are no problems in her upbringing to her mother.But if a boy, there's a little more complicated.Mainly in the high-grade families engaged in the education of boys dad.The incomplete family on my mother has a great responsibility as to raise her son without a father a real man.Many women are afraid that their children will grow flabby and lack of independence.

# 2

child should as much as possible to communicate with men.To the son knew that he has a father, you can think about how to give a name of the father to the child.You should give it to the sports section.There he will find not only friends, but also a male role model, such as a coach.You can not be afraid for his son, he succumbs to the influence of friends on the street.Sports give the child strength and confide

nce, as well as accustomed to discipline.

# 3

From an early age should be taught the boy to independence.It is necessary to give him a little around the house order.For example, feed the cat or vacuum and wipe off the dust.No need to control at this point the child's actions.Otherwise, he will think that my mother always helps him, and could not because of this, become independent.The child does not need to blame if it's something wrong happened.Better to praise him, to thank and tell you how to do the next time.

# 4

We need to show the child that mom credibility for him, but to put pressure on him not to be.It should be understood that in the family home mom.We have to show his son how to forgive his father for his act and live.Mom should give the child love, warmth and affection.And not to be with him constantly lisp, otherwise it will grow from a spoiled boy.No need to cultivate the hatred of the father if the mother has not been fully forgiven myself the father of the child all the insults.

# 5

To educate a man, you need to lay his early childhood in the subconscious mind that he is a strong and courageous boy.You must praise him, even if he has something does not work.Gave him the strength and confidence of their faith in him.And that unlucky dad does not interfere with the family idyll, you need to think about how to write the father of this family.Unless, of course, the mother believes that her son could not bear anything worthwhile from short meetings with his dad.

# 6

Mom need to show your child that a woman - a delicate, gentle and caring nature of the creature.This will allow the boy to build a sense of responsibility and feel the role of men in the family.It is necessary to establish contact between father and son and teach him how to communicate with his father right.No way mom should not replace him father, and constantly remind the child how it is heavy and hard with him.This will lead to psychological disorders in the child, and will form his guilt over her mother's problems.

# 7

raise a child - it is a very difficult task, even if the family is complete.A single mom raising a boy - is doubly hard.Do not take it as a heavy burden, which the mother carries on throughout life.Education should bring joy, and then the son will be happy and grow a real man.In the future it will have to take care of his mother, and bring her joy and just pride in it.