How to check the fat content of breast milk ?

How to check the fat content of breast milk ?
You will need:
  • Breastmilk
  • beaker or test tube
  • line
  • Shawl
# 1

How to determine the fat content of breast milk even know our great-grandmother.The most popular "home" was considered by the ordinary daily assertion of human milk (30 ml) in a glass beaker.Fat milk has a white or yellowish color, lean - pale white even bluish.In addition, it was considered a bold breast milk, which formed a day later on the walls of a glass of thick oily cream rim width equal to 1/3 of the amount of milk.

# 2

The second method is as follows: milk, taken at a time when breastfeeding, is poured into the medical tube to the level of 10 cm (you can do it yourself).Then, the container is left for 7-8 hours at room temperature in an upright position.At the end of the experimental line width is measured from the top layer of creamy milk.Normally it varies between 5.3 mm and each represents millimeter breast milk fat percentage.This method of determining a more accurate and helps mums stop hypochondriac worr

y needlessly.It is necessary to bear in mind that these methods of upholding for verifying the fat content, are appropriate only when the testing is subjected to "back" milk, which is released from the breast after the child drinks the first translucent, designed to quench his thirst.

# 3

third "national" way of finding out how much fatty breast milk, is to drop a few drops of it on a white cotton cloth, such as a handkerchief.In the event that after a time the dried milk is formed on a material of visible spots, then it may be considered bold.Of course, you should not rely on the fact that all of these methods for the determination of fat content are able to show the real nutritional value of breast milk.Nature is wise - the mother's milk for each individual baby is so bold, how much he needs it.Most often, mothers milk is ideally suited to the needs of the child.It is not necessary to connect all the problems with low-fat milk and fat to try this somehow, "eat" - better to consult a specialist, learning the secrets of breastfeeding.