How to fold the bed - arena ?

How to fold the bed - arena ?
You will need:
  • bed playpen
  • materials to build the arena
  • arena
# 1

Recently, in many European countries very popular item was the construction of "bed-arena".Many buyers explain their choice in the convenience of operation and assembly.

# 2

assembly principle in modern beds Manege is similar - there are no separate parts that need to be attached to each other on the tedious manual.Therefore it is not a question, how to assemble the bed playpen.It need only be expanded.Simpler Foyer beds need to lay out manually, and there are those that can be converted by pressing a button - electric.The only thing to do in these beds by hand, it is to change the bottom level.At level 2 standard beds, but there are 3 and 4.

# 3

Many newly-customer issues arise in the early stages in connection with such devices, one of them: how to choose the arena?Indeed, this step is not the easiest.Because, if you buy such a thing for the first time, it is a good chance, without any theoretical experience

or the advice of friends, to be disappointed in this product after the wrong purchase.First of all I want to say that the arena is not suitable child who already knows how to stand, walk and even more, jump, because it is likely that he swung it and fall out of it.Second, the baby can react to the arena, good and bad.To a child feel good in such a confined space, you must teach him to do so from an early age, for example, from 4 months.

# 4

If the budget is limited, you can consider how to make the arena with their own hands.It is not very difficult.To begin to collect information on the structure.Go to the store, look through magazines, look on the Internet.In general, you need to look for ready-made cots.Then you can move your ideas on paper, but it is better to take a ready-made schemes arenas as well as ready-made projects more successful and meet all requirements.After that, you should buy the building materials for the arena.Buy only need new materials, in any case do not take b / y!Now you are ready to assemble.Do everything you need to very carefully and after assembly to check each mount everything to be very strong, because the child will jump arena and play.

# 5

In conclusion we can tell you how to build an arena, in detail.This is done very easily and quickly.It is going such a device, like a designer.But before joining parts must be checked cuts holes.They should not be broken or nadlomany.Thus, cots and beds, cots - this is a very comfortable thing for parents and children.They restrict the space of the child, and thus increase the safety of not only the child, but also apartments.