How to choose a playpen : Selection Criteria

How to choose a playpen : Selection Criteria
You will need:
  • Roulette
  • Folding playpen
# 1

Choice playpen should include some basic criteria.Size in this case is of great importance.It must be chosen taking into account the child's age and the characteristics of the apartment, where it will be installed.The height of the arena should be in the range of 80 to 110 centimeters to prevent possible loss.The higher the arena, the longer it can operate.

# 2

skirting height is not the only criterion in how to choose a playpen with all the safety and convenience.Next on the list criterion is to choose the form of the arena, which can be either round, square, oval or angular (for small-sized housing, where every centimeter counts).In other cases, the choice of the form of the arena is totally dependent on the preferences of the parents and the room configuration in which it will be located.

# 3

third criterion in the problem of how to choose a playpen for the baby, it will be the design.This parameter depends on the shape.Today, any

arena can be folded, excluding the component of the angular variations, whose design is not suited for this.Experts recommend the use of folding cots, as they are easy to store, they will not take up much space in the closet and will only be used if necessary.

# 4

Down design will allow to cope with the problem associated with how to disassemble a playpen bed for just a couple of minutes.It is also important to pay attention to what will be in the arena wall.Modern versions are presented with the walls of the grid (often equipped with rings, for which you can grab and practice walking).The second variant of the walls - the design of twigs.We need to recognize that they, too, can take place to the same tree - an environmentally safe material.

# 5

Before you disassemble the arena and use it later, it is necessary to determine the order of what made his wall.If they are made of fabric, then most likely, the interior trim of the arena will have to wash more often than if the manufacturer used the latest materials, care for that much easier.Varnish and paint in the open items are not welcome - they can try on a tooth kid.

# 6

Many parents believe that to choose a safe place for kid games just for example, how to build an arena "Jetem", but it is not so.In order for it to be truly secure, design should be done so that any movement of the child did not lead to displacement of the arena and its inclination or tipping.If the arena provided the wheels, they must have reliable locking devices.And if the arena walls are made of twigs, you need to be sure that the baby is not fit between them.Choosing the arena, you need to listen to the advice of professionals.