How to teach to the nipple , what to do ?

How to teach to the nipple , what to do ?
You will need:
  • Latex nipples
  • Rubber nipples
# 1

the question of habituation to the nipple have conflicting opinions.Some pediatricians believe that it is not required, but there are situations where the nipple can help out a young mother.Parents who use a pacifier, say that their kid grows calmer and more balanced, but it is important not to "plug up" his mouth for any reason, and to give opportunities for communication.To accustom to the nipple is necessary to choose its form correctly, size and focus on the child's preferences - in soft teats (latex or silicone).Many parents are tested before to understand the secret of success of how to teach to the nipple.

# 2

So, parents should first of all decide on how to choose the correct pacifier for your baby.First we need to choose the size of the nipple, which is indicated on the packaging.Then follow the choice of form nipples - you need to buy several options pacifiers with different materials and shapes.The child chooses a pacifier "

for the soul."Special attention when choosing a pacifier should be paid to a guard-stop around the nipples.It must be large enough, but not to block the access of oxygen through the nose.These tips can be considered as the principal in the list - how to choose a nipple in accordance with the recommendations of experts.

# 3

Infants need in an environment devoid of pathogenic microorganisms, especially important to maintain the sterility of the fact that it falls directly into the mouth.It is therefore important to know the rules sterilized nipple.This procedure is best carried out using a specially bought dishes.If the nipple was on the floor, it should be placed in a pan of water (at the bottom you can put a rolled gauze to keep it oplavilas) sterilization time will be different for different types of dummies, but eventually you get used to how to sterilize nipples in economy mode.

# 4

Everything comes to an end, it comes to time and use a nipple.Pediatricians recommend to stop using a pacifier by the age of one year, when it begins to be laid bite and teeth are formed.Otherwise, in a more adult child may face problems in the pronunciation of "hissing sound".Wean from the nipples should be the most gentle way that the child does not feel deprived and did not receive the stress that can cause neuralgic problems.Today developed enough ways of how to wean the child from the nipples without tears, and other problems.

# 5

Weaning the baby from the nipple, as practice shows - it allows you to get rid of ear infections, and he learns to fall asleep himself, without the pacifier to soothe.The main way of weaning - a gradual reduction in the time that the child spends with the subject.In some cases, the best option would be to weaning that parents buy baby pacifier for babies, which is uncomfortable for him.In this case, the child himself comes to the conclusion that the dummy "it is small" only great desire and love for the child will help parents to overcome all the problems of education, including the choice of pacifiers.