How to teach a first grader to read?

How to teach a first grader to read?
You will need:
  • Cubes
  • Primer
  • Various books
# 1

book - a fascinating world of stories and short stories.When the child went to first grade, it was time to learn to perceive the world on their own.When the question arises, how to fill a portfolio first-grader, it is nice to write about the ability of the children of a good read.

# 2

After a child to learn the names and sounds of letters, the question arises as to, how to teach first-graders to read.It is necessary to go to a bookstore and buy a child with colorful ABC.When buying a primer is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the cover was solid, bright and non glossy sheets.The letters should be clear, vowels and consonants in syllables printed in different colors.Buying a good primer is just as important, how to choose a portfolio of first-graders.

# 3

After sharing you must tell ABC show that the letters are on friendly terms with each other and form pairs - syllables.The pair often one letter vowel, consonant other.

For example, "m" - vowel "a" - consonant and they are read together, "Ma."Leafing through the primer, it is necessary to list the vowels and consonants, and combine them into syllables.

# 4

You can not force a child to engage in compare with the other kids, thinking about; how to help first graders learn to read faster.You can only compare his previous successes with current achievements.It is necessary to praise the child for reading style, if you can not - help.

# 5

can read syllables using a leaf with a window in which are placed only two letters.We need to play with the child, finding the syllables in his children's books, newspapers, magazines, use the cards and dice with syllables that the child quickly learned them.

# 6

Then it's time to connect the syllables in words in the primer.Once the child learns to read the words, it's time to move on to a few words, rhymes.You can get his children's books, probably some poems he had memorized.The child is very overjoyed, having read the poems himself.It should be read together, praise him for his success, motivate the child with amusing tales.

# 7

now reading for a child turned into an exciting game.When the time comes to fill a portfolio first-grader, it is imperative to point out how many years he learned the alphabet and learned to read.