How to wean a child from the nipples , why it does not work ?

How to wean a child from the nipples , why it does not work ?
You will need:
  • child
  • Pacifier
  • Patience
  • Fantasy
# 1

Since newborn babies are very well developed sucking reflex, so at every opportunity, children tryshove in your mouth fingers or a fist.It calms the nervous system of the child, he does not cry, and could easily fall asleep.In order for the child is not picked up his mouth, and was invented by the nipple., While the child is very small, nipple sucking is a normal phenomenon, but closer to the year when the teeth erupt and you need to bite the child formed the right, the nipple begins to interfere with, but take it from the child's virtually impossible.Here in this time and parents start to think about how to wean the child from the nipples.

# 2

errors.There are a number of mistakes made by parents, weaning the child from the nipples.Grandma's methods, such as grease nipple mustard, maybe work, but at the same time bring the child is very great psychological shock.Another way, which is not necessary to undertake this comparison a

nd humiliation of dignity of the child.For example, phrases such as "suck a pacifier as a little", "Look, the girl does not ask for a pacifier, you see what she's good."; These methods can only lower the self-esteem of the child and his self-confidence, but not to wean from this habit.While many parents are faced with the problem of how to wean the child from the nipples, then there are those who do not know how to teach to the nipple.If the child is safely do without nipples, then you do not need to specifically teach her.

# 3

methods.Doctors recommend starting to wean the child from the nipples during the seven months of age.At this time, a farewell to the nipple comes less painful for the child.If your child has more than one nipple, then how to choose a pacifier for a farewell?Of course, it should be a favorite of the nipple, the other, in general, better to remove at once.; The first method is to cut a small piece from the nipple with the tip of the pacifier.If not help, gradually cut off a piece every day, until the baby stops sucking on it.The second method is designed for parents imagination.Farewell to the pacifier is made in the form of a ritual and is accompanied by an interesting history.; You can tell a story that claimed the nipple mouse or dog.You can put your favorite pacifier in the pot with soil, watered and wait for when he grows up a tree, and a couple of days, to put any artificial tree and hang it on the goodies.The main thing is to captivate the child to approach this process with all the love and patience, to surround the child with praise and attention, then farewell to the teat will be painless and peaceful.

# 4

memo.In order to avoid contact with various microbes in the oral cavity of the baby a pacifier should be very carefully monitored.The most ideal option to sterilize it every time she fell to the floor or ground.Even if the manufacturer does not have as to sterilize nipples on the packaging, you can first simply pour boiling water over the nipple, and if it is too dirty, then boil in a separate bowl for 2 - 3 minutes.