How to choose a name to a patronymic : a harmonious combination

How to choose a name to a patronymic : a harmonious combination
You will need:
  • information from the Internet
  • Table
  • name values ​​Paper and pen
# 1

Middle child knows before he was born, so with him there is no difficulty.But as for the choice of name, this can be a problem.Indeed, the choice of the name of the child - one of the most important and serious issue that has to decide the future parents.In addition, you must also think about how to choose the name and patronymic.

# 2

The fact that not only the name but also the middle name directly affect the fate of a man known for a long time.People with the same name or with identical patronymic often have similar traits, habits and hobbies.It should be noted that a person's life affects not only the specific name and patronymic, but also combinations of names.Therefore, before you change the surname in the passport, you must choose the right combination that would have sounded like a more successful as possible.

# 3

few basic rules can be identified using a pick that name and patronymic, w

hich would nicely perceived by ear, it would be much easier: 1. If the surname is long, it is desirable to pick up for him a short name.If the middle name is short, then the combination will be more successful if the name is long.2. Before you change the middle name, you need to take into account national identity.Thus, the combination of Violetta Petrovna does not sound particularly melodic and beautiful.

# 4

3. The child should be named in such a way to show his and his personality.It is not necessary to borrow the name of friends, relatives or celebrities.4. It is undesirable to surname began with the same letter, which ends with the name, especially if it is a combination of consonants.For example, the combination of Konstantin sounds less melodic than Konstantin.5. Thinking about how to change the patronymic of the child, you should avoid excessive accumulation of vowels or have the more consonants at the end and at the beginning of the word.For example, Andrew Ernest I. and S. did not even sound and jarring.

# 5

6. You can use another unwritten rule.Suffice successful combination of consonant sounds to name, for example, Alexander A..By the way, it is a bad idea - to name a child in honor of his father.Sergey and Peter not only very beautiful sounds.This combination could adversely affect the further fate of the child, who will repeat his father's mistakes.Before you change the middle name, you need to compile a list of the most beautiful names and liked to say in turn each of the names in conjunction with the middle name.Among this list, be sure to find at least one good combination, and which will need to choose.